Senate Democrats Push for Citizenship Pathways Amid Fear of Mass Deportations under Trump

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/01/2024
Since former President Donald Trump might initiate mass deportations if reelected, Senate Democrats want President Joe Biden "to streamline pathways" for illegal immigrants to become citizens.

"We urge your Administration to take all available actions to streamline pathways to lawful status for undocumented immigrants, providing certainty to the American businesses, communities, and families who rely on them," 18 Senate Democrats and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders wrote to Biden last week. The senators emphasized unlawful immigrants' tax contributions.

Illegal immigrants provided over $11 billion to social security and paid $9.7 billion in federal and state taxes in 2019. They also said that over 1.1 million Americans are married to illegal immigrants and that 4.9 million children have at least one immigrant parent.

According to official figures, undocumented immigrants contributed over 1% of social security in 2019. The MPs highlighted a research that only covered Mexican illegal immigrants. According to the Census Bureau and the charity Tax Foundation, illegal immigrants paid less than 0.08% of state and federal taxes in 2019, which totaled $13 trillion.

The senators highlighted tax contributions but also said that citizenship would necessitate tax payment.

"Alternatively, streamlining pathways for undocumented immigrants with no criminal history and deep ties to the United States to obtain parole or a lawful immigration status would provide stability to their families, require them to pay taxes, and to check in with the U.S. government regularly," senators said.

If he loses to former President Donald Trump in autumn, Democrats warned the president that illegal immigrants might suffer.

"Deporting all such individuals—as former President Donald Trump has threatened to do if Reelected — would devastate the American economy and destroy American families," senators stated.

The Democrats said the immigration system "includes many categorical bars that prevent spouses from obtaining status," so they want the administration to "create a process to allow undocumented immigrants married to U.S. citizens to seek parole, on a case-by-case basis." Their letter comes as Biden has let a record number of illegal immigrants into the U.S.

The letter includes Sanders and Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin, Ill.; Michael Bennett, Colo.; Alex Padilla, Calif.; Catherine Cortez Masto, Nev.; Ben Ray Luján, N.M.; Bob Menendez, N.J.; Cory Booker, N.J.; Laphonza Butler, Calif.; Ben Cardin, Md.; Tammy Duckworth, Ill.; John Fetterman, Pa.; Mazie Hirono, Hawaii; Ed Markey, Mass.; Jeff Merkley,


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