Three Nebraska Prison Workers Arrested in Lincoln for Improper Contact with Inmates: NDCS Probe

A probe into improper contact with several prisoners while working for the Nebraska Department of Corrections (NDCS) led to the arrest of three women in Lincoln, according to the Nebraska State Patrol. The State Patrol nabbed three people from Lincoln on Monday. They are Abbey Fielder, 26, Laura Schluckebier, 45, and Nicole Carter, 47.

A story from the Lincoln Journal Star said that Carter was charged on Tuesday with second-degree sexual abuse of a prisoner or parolee. Police nabbed Schluckebier on suspicion of letting a convicted criminal visit or talk to someone without permission and planning to let a convicted criminal talk to someone.

Police nabbed Fielder on suspicion of sexually abusing an inmate, planning to sexually abuse an inmate, and letting a convicted criminal visit or talk to someone without permission.

Schluckebier and Fiedler are both working for NDCS right now. The State Patrol says that Carter was not working as a prison guard when she was arrested. The police issued Fielder a ticket and let him go because of health issues.

According to Carter's probable cause statement, State Patrol agents found texts between the three women that reportedly talked about inappropriate behavior with prisoners.

The document says that the State Patrol first looked into a report of a sexual attack that supposedly happened at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in April 2023.

According to the statement, a prisoner said Fielder took part in an unwanted and inappropriate relationship with him by kissing him on the mouth and touching his private parts. Investigators learned that the prisoner thought he could not say no to the relationship because Fielder was in charge of him.

The statement also talks about other relationships Fielder had with different prisoners while he worked for NDCS. According to the reports, Fielder called at least one of the prisoners her boyfriend. The State Patrol got a message that shows Fielder breaking up with an inmate and talking with Schluckebier about how she will get her unit boss at prison services to move him.

A police report says Fielder told Schluckebier that she would tell her boss "that I like him and it is hard to be around him." According to the statement, Schluckebier then names several other prisoners who could be Fielder's boyfriend.

"As long as you do not bring them anything or talk to them, you are okay," Fielder told Schluckebier in another text message about her ex-boyfriend. Fielder also told Carter that she liked another prisoner and was afraid that another prisoner would find out about their relationship.

Police think Fielder told Carter that she had shown at least one prisoner sexy pictures of herself. Carter reportedly met with a prisoner at the Reception and Treatment Center while she was still working for NDCS, which was against his release. In April 2023, her job with the prison system finished.

Fielder claims that Carter told him that they did not have sex during this exchange but that she touched his private parts. Justice Timothy Phillips set Carter's percentage bond at $5,000, which means she would have to pay $500 to get out of jail.

The State Patrol says that NDCS has put Schluckebier and Fielder on investigatory leave. As of Tuesday, neither had gone to court for the first time. "We hold our team members to a high standard, and inappropriate behavior involving a member of the incarcerated population will not be tolerated in NDCS," Rob Jeffreys said.


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