Deadly Gas from Rotten Potatoes Claims Lives of Russian Law Professor and Family

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  • 04/18/2024
The same family's four members sadly fell and died after going into a cellar that contained rotting potatoes. While many people find it hard to believe, one family from Laishevo, a town in the Russian region of Tatarstan near Kazan, experienced the awful reality of being poisoned by potatoes.

A lethal gas produced by rotting potatoes killed the eight-year-old girl's father, mother, brother, and grandmother in 2014, leaving her an orphan.

Mikhail Chelyshev, the esteemed law professor and father of the girl, was the first to enter their basement and take out the potatoes they had saved for the winter.

The lawyer, however, was soon in a lot of difficulty since he had failed to see that the potatoes had grown really rotten.

According to police at the time, the 42-year-old passed dead quickly after fainting from the toxic vapors.

When Mikhail did not emerge from what seemed to be a brief excursion to the basement, his family started to wonder why he was still there.

As his anxious spouse Anastasia approached the basement and succumbed to the lethal gas, you can see where this is headed.

She unfortunately passed away at 38 years old.

After going down the basement to look for his parents, the couple's eighteen-year-old son inhaled the very poisonous vapors released by the rotting potatoes, and sadly met the same terrible end as his parents.

The 68-year-old mother of Anastasia, Iraida, first phoned a neighbor because she thought something was not right.

But she also proceeded down the basement to try to locate the rest of her family before aid could come.

She slumped and died, along with the others, from gas suffocation, according to the police, before help could reach her.

The odors are said to have dispersed since the grandma left the basement door open.

The only family member to escape the basement and survive was eight-year-old Maria.

A local investigator said at the time, "They all died of gas poisoning which has accumulated in the basement as a result of badly rotting potatoes." "The poor girl found the bodies of the deceased."

Michigan State University emphasizes how crucial it is to properly store potatoes throughout the year, regardless of how much you have, even if this kind of poisoning is uncommon.

The institution says, "Avoid exposing them to light during transport and keep them in a cool, dark place."

"Toss green potatoes if you discover or purchase them. Furthermore, stay away from potatoes that are beyond their prime, have eyeballs developing on them, or exhibit any other symptoms of rot."

Prior to consuming potatoes, always inspect them for symptoms of mold or decay. If they have gone bad, make sure the space where they were kept is cleaned and ventilated.


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