Young True-Crime Enthusiast Gets Life Sentence for Murdering Instructor

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  • Source: Korea Times
  • 04/24/2024
A court has decided to sentence a young, true-crime-obsessed lady to life in prison for killing and dismembering a female instructor "out of curiosity." The Korea Times reports that Jung Yoo-jung, 23, received a life sentence on Friday in South Korea.

Yoo-jung was detained in June in relation to the planned killing of a female teacher she met online, as was previously reported. She made a complex plan, according to the police, to meet the lady and murder her in order to "see what it was like."

"Jung was found to have premeditated the crime driven by a desire to kill someone after she became obsessed with murder from TV programs and books," according to a police spokesperson.

The site said that Yoo-jung had used a tutoring app to pretend to be a mother looking for a tutor for her daughter's English language skills.

After corresponding with 54 users, the majority of whom were women, on the app, she discovered the victim. She dressed in a school uniform and pretended to be a young student when she arrived at the woman's house, according to the site.

The police spokesperson said, "Jung is short, and with the uniform on, the victim probably mistook her for a middle-school student."

According to the police spokesperson, Yoo-jung broke into the victim's home and repeatedly stabbed her before going to the grocery store to buy bins and bleach. After that, she went back to the home and dismembered the victim.

Following her use of a cab to dispose of some of the body parts in the woods, Yoo-jung's driver reported to the authorities her unusual conduct. While some body parts were recovered inside Yoo-jung's house, other body parts were uncovered in the woods.

In the months before the murder, according to the police, she looked up how to dispose of a corpse and how to kill in her browser history.

According to Korea JoongAng Daily, she was detained and found guilty of murder, defilement, and abandonment of a body. She will serve a 30-year sentence and be required to wear a monitoring device.

According to the publication, Yoo-jung committed the murder "despite not knowing her beforehand for her own perverse reasons," according to the judge at the Busan District Court on Friday. The victim, whose identity has remained a secret, was 26 years old.


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