Lawyer of Stormy Daniels Might Testify Against Her from Behind Bars; He's Ready To Go!

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/21/2024
The former lawyer for adult entertainer Stephanie Clifford, popularly known as Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, has indicated that he has been in contact with the legal team of former President Donald Trump and might potentially testify against his former client.

Speaking from behind bars, Mr. Avenatti told the New York Post that "the defense has contacted me," a reference to the former president's legal team. Currently, Mr. Avenatti is serving a long term for a variety of offenses, including fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, and extortion.

"I have been in contact with Trump's defense for the better part of a year, but I would be more than happy to testify," the former attorney, who had openly considered a presidential run during multiple media appearances during the Trump administration, told the Post. He did not elaborate more, and the former president's attorneys have not addressed the situation in the media.

Ms. Clifford's lawyer during her claimed 2006 affair with President Trump was Mr. Avenatti. Her assertions are crucial to the New York trial, but the former president has refuted them.

In the lawsuit, President Trump is accused of paying his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to suppress bad stories—including allegations made by Ms. Clifford—during the 2016 election. This amounted to 34 charges of fabricating business records. Despite his plea of not guilty, Mr. Cohen's lawyers have attempted to portray him as an untrustworthy witness because of his prior convictions.

Mr. Avenatti was a strong opponent of President Trump and had even advocated for his prosecution in 2018, prior to his conviction and sentencing for federal offenses. But in his correspondence with the Post, he said that political reasons drive the New York lawsuit against the 45th president.

Without a doubt, they are worried that he could win reelection, which is why they are conducting the trial politically, he said. "This case would not have been brought at this time if the defendant had not been Donald Trump, and I think it is utterly wrong and heinous that the government is trying to convict him in an attempt to keep tens of millions of people from voting for him."

He said to the source, "I believe that the legal system singled us both out." Many on the left were very worried about my prospects for advancement both within the Democratic Party and in Democratic politics. further to the fact that I was a difficult person to manage.

In addition, Mr. Avenatti expressed his concern about the fact that he believes Trump has been singled out. I believe there is a good possibility that all of this will backfire and help him win the presidency because four instances seems excessive.


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