Biden and Trump Set for Two Showdowns: Debate Schedule Revealed!

United States President Joe Biden and his opponent, former President Donald Trump, agreed on Wednesday to have two debates: one on June 27 and the other on September 10.

The two camps decided to have their first face-off in CNN's Atlanta studios without an audience for the first time in six weeks. ABC News is serving as the host of the second debate.

Wednesday's statement on the two debates came together rather swiftly.

Over the last several weeks, Trump, a Republican who lost to Biden in 2020 while running for reelection but still maintains that he was deceived into a second term in office, has called for a series of debates to precede the 2024 presidential election. Democrats Joe Biden and Joe Biden just decided to debate.

The Biden campaign said on Wednesday that he would not be attending the three September and October debates that the neutral presidential debate commission, which has been in charge of the quadrennial debates for the last thirty years, had advised.

Trump said that he was "ready and willing to debate" Biden in September and next month in a post on his Truth Social website. A little while later, the 24-hour cable news network CNN announced the first debate date and revealed that two of its seasoned anchors, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, would moderate it.

The two contenders challenged one another right away, delaying decisions on the debate's boundaries until a later time. Some of the points raised were whether or not each candidate's microphone would be turned off during their speech, and how long each debate would go.

"I defeated Donald Trump in two debates in 2020, and he has not appeared for a debate since," Biden said in a post on the social media network X. He seems to be trying to argue with me once again right now. Make my day, then, friend."

As for Biden, Trump said that he was the "WORST debater I have ever faced - He can not put two sentences together!"

Biden's team made fun of Trump before the first meeting was scheduled for June 27, a Thursday, by claiming that the Republican was “free on Wednesdays,” which is the typical midweek day off for Trump’s ongoing criminal prosecution for hush money in New York.

Whatever the case, the jury's deliberations are about to begin in the case where Trump is accused of fabricating financial records at his real estate conglomerate, the Trump Organization, in order to conceal a hush money payment he made to a porn actress just before his victorious 2016 campaign.

In about two weeks, the trial will most likely come to an end.

There is currently only going to be a discussion between Biden and Trump on CNN, but the network did leave open the potential that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent, or another third-party candidate may achieve the ballot access standards and polling threshold of 15% in order to participate in the debate.

Biden and Trump, in particular, have been cautious about Kennedy's campaign for concern that he would get enough support in crucial battleground states to swing the result of the national election.

The election of a president in the United States is not decided by the national popular vote. In actuality, the election is largely a state-by-state contest in which the victor in each of the 50 states receives an electoral vote that determines the final result.

With the most electoral votes, the most populous states have the most influence on the person who will take office for a new four-year term that begins on January 20.


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