CNN's Anti-Trump Republican Criticizes Trump-Supporting Latinas for Views on Immigration

Trump supporters who are Latinas have come under fire from CNN's Ana Navarro, who called their views on immigration "very stupid." Navarro said that a small percentage of Latino immigrants seem to have forgotten their own heritage and erroneously thought that opposing immigration would improve their chances of assimilating into American culture.

This kind of thinking just helps to show how it leads to a divided culture, the anti-Trump Republican said in a Friday night CNN interview, expressing her anger with it.

Some Latino immigrants fail to recognize that they are immigrants, desire to leave their country of origin behind, and believe that by being anti-immigrant, they would somehow pass for more Americans or whatever. Furthermore, having such mindset is just foolish.

In support of her argument, Navarro referenced the El Paso, Texas, mass shooting in 2019 that included a shooter who specifically targeted Latinos. Racists, she said, just view Latinos as members of a group they detest, regardless of their immigration status or accent.

Unbeknownst to the public, the man does not give a damn when you come to Texas when he travels hundreds of miles to find Latinos at a Walmart. Navarro said, "It does not matter to him what accent you have."


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