Jonathan Lovitz Slams Democrats Over Israel Stance and Anti-Semitism Bill

Jonathan Lovitz, a famous actor and comic, criticized Democrats for turning against Israel and how they have dealt with the rise in racism in the U.S. since October 7.

It is your choice who to vote for, right? Those who are Jewish, however, should know that they passed a law against antisemitism, which means they are against hate and violence against Jewish people. "There were 70 Democrats who voted against it," Lovitz told Fox News Digital.

"And Chuck Schumer, who is Jewish, says that Israel should hold elections right now." And President Trump and other people were angry because, ironically, you should not mess with another country's elections while there is a war going on!" Lovitz yelled out. "Bernie Sanders has always been... I have already said it, but I will say it again: he hates himself as a Jew. There are a lot of them. "Why do you say that?" I think, "Well, it is crystal clear that he is against Israel." "This war must end." Why does not he blame Hamas for starting it? How about that?"

"And whatever you think of Trump, the fact is that he is done more for Israel than any president in the history of this country," Lovitz said.

Liberals recently said that former President Trump was racist because he made comments criticizing Jewish people who vote Democratic even though the party's relationship with Israel is tense. The "Saturday Night Live" star supported Trump.

"Yes, I have met him over the years." "Trump is strange because he is very different in real life than he is on TV," Lovitz told Fox News Digital. "But if you want to say, 'Well, he is antisemitic,' I go, well, I do not know, his daughter - he is crazy about Ivanka - converted to Judaism, married a Jewish guy, his grandchildren are Jewish."

"There is a beach club in Palm Beach," he said. That club does not let Jews in either. Do not let them. The beach club at Mar-a-Lago is right next door, and Jews are welcome there. Which of those clubs is antisemitic? The one that does not let Jews in or the one that does? Okay? I can tell you that people in Israel love Trump. Because he stood up for them... Some people say Trump is against Jews. Based on what he does, I would say that he is not, while the Democrats are overall. Without a doubt, they are not for Israel.

"Completely antisemitic" Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., said that there are "pro-genocide" and "anti-genocide" Jews on both ends of the Israel-Hamas argument. The comedian pushed back against this idea.

I want to start by saying that I think it is terrible that you support murder. "It does not matter what you are," Lovitz said. That being said, it is not true to call what is happening in Palestine "genocide." It is just using what the Nazis in Germany did to the Jews. That was killing people. It is the goal of Hamas to kill all Jews. Nobody is planning to get rid of all the Palestinians. Israel could have done that in less than a day if they really wanted to. If you are trying to kill everyone, like Israel is trying to do to the Palestinians, why are they dropping Arabic-language flyers telling them to leave Rafah because they are going to bomb it? They do not want them there because they do not want to kill them. Why would they tell them to go? You know what I mean? I mean, they are not stupid. It is not funny."

"But if there are Jewish college students who support Hamas, it is sad to say that the Jewish people live up to their reputation for being smart." But it is clear that there are a lot of stupid ones. They are not smart. They only know what they are being told and do not care about past.

Lovitz has always been a Democrat and a strong backer of Israel. But after what happened on October 7, he says he does not belong to either party anymore.

"For years, Jewish people like me have been, you know, mostly liberal and Democratic." So, what do you do when the group you have been a part of your whole life turns against you?" Lovitz asked. "Then they say, 'No, they are not.'" Really? They just voted on it. Not saying that hate against you is okay. There were 70 votes against it... The Democrats are not the same party they used to be.


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