Nikki Haley Signals Backing Trump for Next Election, Trump Signals Alliance

Despite their disagreements, Nikki Haley said on Wednesday that she will support Donald Trump in the next election. Although it is unclear whether the two have fully put their differences behind them, the former president hinted that Haley would be involved in his new government if he is reelected during a rally on Thursday afternoon in the Bronx. "I think she is going to be on our team because we have a lot of the same ideas, the same thoughts," Trump said to News 12. "I appreciated what she said."

Although Haley's camp and his got into a "pretty nasty" back and forth when she was still in the race, he continued, stating that Haley is a "very capable person, and I am sure she is going to be on our team in some form, absolutely." Some of the nasty behavior is described in detail by the New York Times, with Trump calling Haley a "birdbrain" and Haley calling him "unhinged." It is unclear whether this indicates that Trump is reconsidering Haley's suitability to be his running mate. According to CBS News, he sent the former governor of South Carolina best wishes but said on his Truth Social platform earlier this month that she was "not under consideration" for the vice presidential position.

In response to a direct question on Thursday on the vice presidential slot, Trump remained evasive and listed a number of potential candidates. "You could take people like Ben Carson, you could take people like Marco Rubio, JD Vance," Trump said. "Elise [Stefanik] is doing a fantastic job. ... We have many people that would do a really fantastic job." He said he will make up his mind "sometime during the convention," which is presumably a reference to the July RNC meeting.


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