Scarlett Johansson Originally Turned Down Voice Opportunity For ChatGPT System; Did Nobody Tell Them?

Scarlett Johansson claims she turned down an offer from OpenAI to have her voice used in their next ChatGPT system. Then the performer heard the demo that was made public last week. "So eerily similar to mine that my closest friends and news outlets could not tell the difference," she told Variety on Monday. OpenAI said on Monday that it is putting a stop to the usage of the star's soundalike while it investigates after Johansson's attorneys contacted the firm to have the voice removed.

The resemblance alarmed non-star ChatGPT 4.0 users as well, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Not that their unease sprang out of the blue: Among Johansson's parts is that of an artificial intelligence voice in Her (2013). CEO Sam Altman seemed to recognize the link when he posted "her" on X, as Johansson pointed out in her statement. She claimed Altman made her the offer for the role in September. According to OpenAI, the voice that answers inquiries does belong to a professional actor, but not that one. The firm said on its blog, "We believe that AI voices should not deliberately mimic a celebrity's distinctive voice." OpenA1 stated the actress who got the role utilized her natural voice but declined to identify her.

That voice captures the attention of Joaquin Phoenix's character in the movie. Mashable said that Sky seemed flirtatious in one demo and made a comment about a male voice's sweatshirt. Daily Show mocked it. From more than 400 applicants, OpenAI stated, it collaborated with casting directors to reduce the number of contenders to 14. The firm alleged that last year, the performers were flown to San Francisco for recording sessions.


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