Man Charged with Murder: Shocking Video Shows Repeated Attack in Broad Daylight

Authorities have charged a man with murder after they claim to have witnessed him on camera reportedly driving over a guy twice with a vehicle, straddling, kissing, then stabbing him repeatedly in broad daylight.

The Houston Police Department refers to 20-year-old Karon Fisher as a "she," despite her description as a guy in court records that KTRK-TV was able to acquire. According to a press statement from the police, the killing happened on May 3 at about 7:50 p.m.

Video footage from a neighbor that KTRK was able to collect seems to show a deliberate assault on the guy who was allegedly his route to retrieve his mail.

The footage shows the victim, reportedly 64-year-old Steven Anderson, turning to face the white vehicle that is speeding at him and screaming before it hits him once more and then reverses to strike him again. After making an appearance in all-black, the suspect flips Anderson over, straddles him, kisses him, and then stabs him nine times.

After making an unsuccessful attempt to enter another vehicle, the suspect jumps over the victim's corpse and drives off.

A failure to stop and assist another individual resulted in the dispatch of officers to the location. Officers discovered Anderson deceased from several stab wounds.

Witnesses directed police to the suspect's location, which was close by. Detectives arrested and questioned her before filing charges and bringing her to the Harris County Jail. Police are unaware of any link between the suspect and the victim, according to local TV station KPRC.

According to KTRK, Fisher was allegedly on community supervision for eluding arrest in 2023. In 2021, she was also accused of prostitution; however, that case was dropped. Fisher's next court date, according to online prison records, is May 24. The sum of her bail is $2.125 million.


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