Trump Campaign Threatens Legal Action Over "The Apprentice" Portrayal at Cannes

The reelection campaign of Donald Trump called the movie "The Apprentice," which is about the former U.S. president in the 1980s, "pure fiction" and promised legal action after it was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

“To address the blatantly false assertions from these pretend filmmakers,” Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said in a statement.

"This nonsense is made up and amplifies lies that have been debunked for a long time," Cheung said.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Trump in "The Apprentice," which had its world premiere in Cannes on Monday. For most of the movie, the connection between Trump and Roy Cohn (Jeremy Strong), the defense lawyer who was Joseph McCarthy's top adviser during his probes of alleged communists in the Senate in the 1950s, is our main focus.

The film, which was produced by the Iranian-Danish Ali Abbasi, shows Cohn as Trump's longtime mentor who taught him how to be brutal in business and politics in New York City. Early in his career, Cohn defended the Trump Organization in a federal lawsuit for housing discrimination based on race.

Based on true events, "The Apprentice" shows Trump's relationships with Cohn as a "Faustian bargain" that helped him become a businessman and then a politician. Initially, Stan's Trump is a more naive real estate entrepreneur, but Cohn's schooling soon changes him.

The movie is known for showing Trump raping his wife, Ivana Trump (played by Maria Bakalova). Trump raped Ivana Trump in her statement for her divorce in 1990. Trump rejected the accusation, and Ivana Trump later said that she did not mean it literally but that she felt abused.

Through that scene and others, “The Apprentice” is a possibly dramatic drama for the big screen during the U.S. election. The movie is being sold in Cannes, so there is no set date for when it will be shown.


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