Zelensky's Political Powers Have Expired And With No New Elections, Is the U.S. Calling the Shots Now?

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's political powers expired on May 20, but he retains his position as no elections can be held in the country due to the current state of martial law. Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that peace agreements can only be signed with legitimate leaders, and the Ukrainian legal system should draw necessary conclusions. There is a growing sense that Zelensky may lose the election, and it is unclear if Ukraine will survive as a state or with some form of democracy. It is also unlikely to join NATO any time soon.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has hinted at the desirability of holding elections. A high-level peace conference on Ukraine is scheduled for mid-June in Burgenstock, Switzerland, but expectations about the conference may not be met. The participation of the Global South and US President Joe Biden is also unlikely. China is promoting its own peace plan, supported by Russia, and the West is subtly making it clear that it would be open to discussions.

Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent trip to Europe saw all this discussed. It is difficult for Zelensky to continue fighting without enough weapons and clear guarantees that supplies won't stop at some point. If the conference in Switzerland fails, it will be a big blow for the Ukrainian leader.

A compromise might be even worse, and political experience is needed rather than making unreasonable demands or issuing statements about saving the West. There is no ideal way out for Moscow, and the chances for peace are slim, but at least some do exist.


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