Biden Overtakes Trump in Latest Fox News Survey: A Shift in the Presidential Race?

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/21/2024
The latest national survey by Fox News reveals an interesting turn in the presidential race, with President Biden taking the lead over former President Trump for the first time since October. The survey indicates a notable three-point shift, positioning Biden ahead by two points at 50%-48%. Various recent events following the survey in May, including Hunter Biden's gun trial, Trump's hush money conviction, a positive U.S. jobs report, and Biden's immigration executive order, may influence voter preferences.

Trump maintains a significant advantage among men (+15), white evangelical Christians (+46), white males without college degrees (+30), and voters in rural areas (+17). On the other hand, Biden's support correlates with individuals over 65 (+15), women (+17), city residents (+23), and White women with college degrees (+28). Although 73% of Black voters favor Biden, this figure is slightly lower than the 79% he received before the 2020 election.

The loyalty of political party supporters remains steadfast, with 95% of Democrats backing Biden and 95% of Republicans supporting Trump. Independent backing for Biden has surged from a 2-point deficit to a 9-point lead over Trump since May. Despite this, Biden's integrity surpasses Trump's leadership qualities by 23 points, with only an 11-point difference.

According to Fox News pollster Daron Shaw, "the fundamental demographic patterns that have characterized the race remain consistent," with Biden making slight gains among women and seniors. In head-to-head and extended ballot contests, Trump leads Biden by one and three points, respectively, while also capturing support from new voters (by 4 and 6 points) in the 2-way and 5-way contests.

The survey reveals that 75% of Americans favor Biden over Trump by a margin of five points. Older voters aged 65 and above exhibit more enthusiasm towards the election outcome compared to younger voters, while women demonstrate greater investment in the process than men. Trump holds a three-point advantage among two-thirds of voters who express "extreme" motivation to cast their ballots this year.


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