Decade of Darkness: The Harrowing Ordeal of Colleen Stan, Kept In A Box For Seven Years

A woman endured years of torment and suffering after being abducted by a couple, enduring seven long years confined to a box.

In 1977, Colleen Stan, then a 20-year-old hitchhiker in Oregon with plans to reach California, crossed paths with what seemed to be a harmless couple. However, she became ensnared in their grasp for nearly a decade.

Despite rejecting two earlier rides, Colleen felt a sense of security with Cameron and Janice Hooker, especially since they had a child with them. This false sense of safety led her to believe they posed no threat.

Her journey to California took a drastic turn when the Hookers stopped in a secluded area and placed a 'head box' over her. Cameron, a sexual sadist, subjected her to unspeakable horrors and abuse for years.

In addition to the head box, Cameron constructed a coffin where Colleen was confined for most of each day. Nightly, the coffin was tucked under the couple's bed, and she was reduced to being Cameron's object of exploitation.

He stripped her of her identity, renaming her 'K', asserting his dominance with the chilling words: "I control you; Colleen is no more. You are now K. You are mine."

Forced into signing a contract relinquishing her autonomy, Colleen was trapped in a nightmarish reality. 

After three and a half years, Colleen briefly reunited with her family, concealing her torment to protect them from Cameron's threats. Fearful of 'The Company', a fictitious entity Cameron conjured to instill dread, she remained silent.

Mistaken by her family for joining a cult, the truth was far darker. Colleen returned to her captor, enduring further years of captivity.

Ultimately, it was Janice, Cameron's wife, who facilitated Colleen's escape. Exposing the lies, Janice assured Colleen that fleeing would not endanger her loved ones.

Finding her way to freedom with Janice's help, Colleen contacted Cameron to declare her departure. In a bid to reform him, Janice requested daily calls from Colleen, yet his malevolence persisted. Three months post-escape, Janice reported Cameron to authorities.

In addition to Colleen's ordeal, Cameron faced justice for his crimes, including the abduction, torture, and likely murder of Marie Elizabeth Spannhake. Though not convicted for Marie's death due to lack of evidence, he was found guilty on multiple charges related to the abuse inflicted on Colleen.


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