Survey Shows: Majority of President Biden's Backers in 2024 Are Anti-Trump Only

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/10/2024
A recent CBS News/YouGov survey revealed that over half of President Biden's supporters are primarily supporting him in 2024 to oppose former President Trump.

The survey revealed that 54% of probable Biden voters want to choose him on the November ballot, a 7-point increase from March. 27% of respondents, or nearly a fifth, said they would support Biden because he is the likely Democratic candidate. The way voters present their option, whether as a choice or a referendum, has a significant impact on their decision.

The majority of those who thought the election was a referendum on Trump voted for Biden, while those who saw it as a criticism of just Biden voted for Trump. A slight more respondents, 53%, are choosing Trump over Biden, who garnered support from 47% of respondents.

The survey revealed a near tie between Biden and Trump in both battleground states and the national poll, with Biden earning 49% support nationwide compared to 50% for Trump.

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