Man Arrested for Skipping $500 Dinner Bill Leaves Behind Name Tagged Cash Card

In a case involving a woman who is suspected of encouraging her daughter, who is seven years old, to take a handbag from a popular restaurant and skip out on a large dining bill, the authorities have made a second arrest.

In March of this year, the Newnan Police Department believes that a viewer of FOX 5 was instrumental in assisting them in identifying Kenya Butler, who was from Union City. The accusation against Butler is that she allegedly urged her daughter to take a pocketbook from a table at the Juicy Crab restaurant in Newnan.

While everything was going on, the police were also looking for a guy who was engaged in the disturbance and who had reportedly fled without paying the $500 cost that the group had incurred. Evidence that was left behind at the restaurant has allowed for the identification and subsequent arrest of the person in question.

According to the police, Keishawn Butler was located by using a cash card that he allegedly left at the site and which had his identity. As the brother of Kenya Butler, he has been charged with theft of services and has been identified as the individual in question.

It is said that Kenya Butler is seen in surveillance video from the restaurant guiding her toddler to a booth that does not have an attendant there. It is then seen that the youngster is seen grabbing a pocketbook, clutching it, and then leaving the room. Among the charges that have been brought against Kenya Butler are those of contributing to the delinquency of a child and theft by taking. Regarding the daughter, the authorities clarify that she is not facing any accusations.

According to reports, the footage also shows a group of thirteen people, including five adults and eight children, leaving the restaurant after the handbag was stolen. According to the police, Kenya Butler stated that all of the members of the gang were aware that they would not be responsible for paying the bill.

As a result of the arrests of the brother and sister, the Newnan Police Department has declared that the investigation is now complete.


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