Trump Signals He Will Support Giving Green Cards To Graduating Foreign Students from U.S. Colleges

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/21/2024
The former President expressed support for granting green cards to foreign students graduating from U.S. colleges during a podcast interview. He emphasized that this would apply to individuals utilizing legal student visas and not undocumented immigrants or asylum seekers.
The former President acknowledged the importance of retaining highly-skilled workers, particularly in the tech industry. He pledged to allow the most talented individuals from around the world to come to the U.S. and proposed that graduating students should automatically receive a green card as part of their diploma.

In addition to supporting the green card proposal, the former President also discussed his plans for immigration if reelected. He proposed an extensive mass deportation effort to remove undocumented individuals who have entered the U.S. in recent years. This has sparked debate, with some arguing that resources should be directed towards veterans, the elderly, and the homeless instead. The former President's campaign stated that only the most skilled graduates who can make substantial contributions to America would be allowed to stay after undergoing a rigorous vetting process.

During the interview, the former President also addressed the situation in Ukraine. He assured that he would not deploy U.S. troops to Ukraine and ruled out establishing a process for NATO to allow Ukraine to become a member. These statements provide insight into his foreign policy approach and stance on international conflicts.


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