Bidens' Shocking Home Loan Moves: Refinancing Delaware Mansions 35 Times!

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 06/25/2024
After conducting an investigation, discovered that Joe Biden and First Lady Jill have been using their homes as ATMs, taking out several mortgages, and refinancing their Delaware mansions an amazing 35 times.

Since 1975, when he bought his first house in Wilmington, which he later sold in the late 1990s, the President of the United States has lived in two residences inside his home state.

On the other hand, records that were seen by suggest that the couple has a habit of renegotiating a credit arrangement or mortgage for each of their two homes every seventeen months.

The Bidens have taken out loans totaling $6 million on both of their homes during the course of their lives; more than three decades after they acquired their present house in Wilmington, which has three bedrooms and four bathrooms, there is still a mortgage on it that is due in the amount of $541,000.

Given the constant refinancing that the Bidens are undergoing, the question arises as to why they need a consistent flow of more funds given that their alleged net worth is ten million dollars.

In an interview with, a financial expert said, "It does not make a lot of sense unless they were desperate for cash."

worries are starting to emerge over the president's suspected involvement in his son Hunter's questionable business dealings with foreign firms and the Chinese oil company CEFC. The recent revelation comes at a time when these worries are beginning to surface.

According to the papers for the mortgage, the president and first lady purchased their current four-acre property in March 1996 for the sum of $350,000. However, since that time, they have encumbered it with twenty various mortgages and home credit agreements that total $4.23 million.

Previously, in 1975, they had purchased a home in the same neighborhood for the price of $185,000, which had five bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. They later sold the property for a contentious price of $1.2 million.


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