MOVIE REVIEW: Is 'Axel F' the Ultimate Eddie Murphy Comeback? Find Out on Netflix Now!

In the latest sequel to the Beverly Hills Cop saga, "Axel F" which has landed with a stylish flip and a smirk on Netflix, Eddie Murphy electrifies the screen once again as the irrepressible detective Axel Foley. This time around, Foley dashes back to the glitz and glam of Beverly Hills when he hears his old buddy Billy Rosewood, played by Judge Reinhold, finds himself in hot water. The film's reception has been nothing short of spectacular, drawing heaps of praise for reigniting Murphy's comedic genius that seemed to have dimmed over recent years.

However, nestled among the fast-paced chases and snappy one-liners is a clever nod that might just fly past you unless you're paying close attention. It's a playful jab at "Beverly Hills Cop III," the series' third installment that didn't exactly set hearts racing or critics raving. In an early banter-filled scene, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, Bobby Abbott - the new kid on the block in Beverly Hills PD - rifles through Foley's colorful history with law enforcement, dropping hints about previous adventures in '84, '87...and then there’s '94. A not-so-subtle elbow nudge about the year that gave us the franchise's less celebrated chapter.

Eddie Murphy himself hasn’t shied away from expressing his less-than-fond feelings towards "Beverly Hills Cop III," famously slamming it as “garbage.” His disillusionment was echoed by John Landis, who directed the third movie and lamented over its failure to capture the essence of Axel Foley - attributing it to Murphy’s decision to portray a more mature version of his character which apparently translated to less laughter.

Adding another layer to this saga is Mark Molloy, at the helm of "Axel F", who candidly admitted he never watched "Beverly Hills Cop III" upon taking up directorial duties - advice he received straight from Hollywood heavyweight Jerry Bruckheimer himself. Bruckheimer's dismissal of the third film as something best left unwatched underlines just how far it strayed from what made Beverly Hills Cop a beloved franchise.

With all this history in mind, "Axel F" isn't just another sequel but a vibrant celebration of Eddie Murphy's iconic character and what makes him tick—while also not missing a beat to playfully acknowledge its own rocky moments. As for whether this newest chapter erases the missteps of '94 or simply rises above them with grace and humor? That’s something audiences are gleefully deciding as they tune in on Netflix.


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