Kamala Harris Struggles Against Trump in Poll - Hillary Clinton Surges Ahead!

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 07/09/2024
In a striking revelation from a top Republican-leaning pollster, the latest survey indicates that President Joe Biden is precariously positioned for reelection, lagging behind Donald Trump. This national survey, conducted by the prestigious firm Bendixen & Amandi following what many conservatives hailed as a disastrous debate performance by Biden, was exclusively obtained by POLITICO. The results show Trump with a slight edge over Biden, holding a 43 percent to 42 percent lead.

Significantly, of the vast majority of likely voters who tuned in for the debate, only 29 percent are convinced of Biden’s mental and physical capability to endure another term in office, while a whopping 61 percent expressed doubts. Furthermore, merely 33 percent are in favor of Biden continuing as the Democratic front-runner, against 52 percent who oppose it. Surprisingly, only half of Democratic respondents back Biden as their nominee or attest to his fitness for another presidential term.

Vice President Kamala Harris appears to be outperforming expectations against Trump in this poll, edging him out narrowly with a 42 percent to 41 percent lead. Additionally, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—despite not being actively considered as a contender—is showing stronger potential than anticipated. She surpasses both Harris and Trump in hypothetical matchups, leading Trump by a margin of 43 percent to 41 percent.

The poll ventured further into alternative Democratic tickets, concluding that a Clinton-led ticket with Harris as the vice-presidential candidate would be most advantageous. This combination overtakes Trump with a more comfortable margin of 43 percent to 40 percent—demonstrating a four-point advantage over the current Biden-Harris ticket.

These findings underscore an urgent need for Democrats to reassess their strategy and consider bolstering their lineup ahead of the upcoming election. With critical voices within their own ranks questioning Biden's viability and potential candidates like Clinton unexpectedly emerging as strong contenders against Trump, the time seems ripe for strategic recalibrations.


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