Abbott’s Got Everything Covered! Bus Contractors Not Allowed To Speak To NY Authorities

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/04/2023

According to the Associated Press, a contractor Texas hired to transport migrants signed a contract forbidding them from speaking with New York authorities. The AP was informed by Manuel Castro, commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, that this makes it more difficult to receive and assist migrants being transported from Texas.

It’s a concern since we don’t know when or how many buses will arrive, or whether anyone on board has a medical condition that may require assistance or a wheelchair, Castro told the source. We at least want to be aware of it so we can best assist visitors.

While waiting for hours for buses from Texas to arrive in New York’s Port Authority, volunteer groups rely on tips for assistance.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, has been busing immigrants to democratic cities like New York and Washington, D.C., to protest President Joe Biden’s immigration policy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis assumed responsibility for transporting 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard this week, following Abbott’s lead.

According to the AP, 2,200 migrants were transported by bus to New York City and another 8,000 migrants were transported by bus from Texas to Washington, D.C.

While some migrants expressed gratitude to the AP for assistance in getting to East Coast cities, the New York Times noted that the inflow had left volunteer and nonprofit organizations assisting these migrants overburdened and that many migrants were now ending up in homeless shelters.

Abbott’s administration rejected criticism of the breakdown in communication in a statement to the AP.

Speaking Thursday, spokesperson Renae Eze said, “These Democratic hypocrites should call on President Biden to do his job and protect the border, which the president continues to fail to do, instead of moaning about keeping their sanctuary city commitments.

Why is Texas even faced with this situation? The government should simply carry out its duties and acknowledge that more than 5 million individuals have entered Texas during the past two years. It is quite alarming that they won’t even acknowledge this. The second is that the government has to reduce the flow since Texas cannot support 5 million people in two years.

Sincerely, I believe Texas is on the right track. If the government takes note and begins to act, maybe. Most people think it totally absurd that these towns are even complaining because they only receive a tiny fraction of what Texas is dealing with. Why Texas even has to cope with five million individuals crossing its border is the biggest puzzle.

Why else would the administration claim there is no issue at all? Any state in the US would likely shout and describe it as an invasion if five million people moved into their state over the course of two years. Texas needs to be able to handle the large amount coming, thus the government should at least limit the flow to at least 1/4 of what it is currently. You would probably want the same thing if this were your home state. Where is your sense of fairness, compassion, and decent behavior, or do these things not matter to you any longer?

Here’s one more query. What is the answer if both political parties have been in power for 60 years and have done nothing? Why are there only two political parties from which to choose? Why do people keep casting their votes for the same candidates, who only care about politics and people during election seasons? There will never be a simple solution to this problem that all parties can agree on.

I say good on Texas. Texas is a border State and is being impacted by the currant Federal Government’s lack of border security. If the Feds can’t get a handle on the problem then the States most impacted must take the measures necessary to share the problem.

You now have a vice president who regularly tells the media that the border is closed. Over 3 million individuals have entered the nation illegally, yet just a few news outlets have been covering border crossings over the past two years. Why aren’t all news outlets reporting on this? The President accuses the Governors of exploiting the illegal immigrants as political pawns by bussing them to sanctuary cities only now that Texas, Arizona, and Florida are sharing the burden. Still refusing to acknowledge that the border is open. There hasn’t been a shred of truth said on this matter by the president, vice president, or press secretary. When will the deception end?

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