China Foreign Minister: America Must Modify Stance Toward China For Countries To Cooperate

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  • 03/04/2023

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that the US must modify its stance toward China in order for the two countries to cooperate on the international arena at a meeting with their American counterparts on Friday in New York.

According to a statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang told Blinken that “China-US ties are at a critical crossroads and it is vital for both sides to develop a right manner for the two major nations to get along with each other in a responsible attitude toward the world.”

Washington is weakening Chinese sovereignty, according to Wang, and “sending a very misguided and dangerous signal” by promising to support Taiwan.

China rejects any international diplomatic and military assistance to Taipei because it considers the independent island to be part of its territory. Wang asserted that the US has no authority to intervene in China’s domestic affairs over Taiwan.

Blinken highlighted the need of keeping lines of communication open with Beijing and reaffirmed that Washington is “committed to sustaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, consistent with our long-standing “one-China” policy,” according to US State Department spokesman Ned Price.

A senior US source was reported by CNN as saying that Wang and Blinken’s talk was “very open, direct, helpful, and in-depth.”

President Joe Biden stated last week in an interview with CBS News that in the event of a Chinese invasion, the US would support Taiwan. The White House later stated, though, that Washington still retains “strategic ambiguity” on the subject.

As the highest-ranking US politician to visit Taiwan since the 1990s, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi received a stern rebuke from China this month. Major military exercises were conducted all around the island by Beijing as payback.

Defense experts told Fox News Digital that any confrontation between the U.S. and China would be expensive for both parties and come down to a few crucial issues, not always in America’s favor.

According to James Anderson, the acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy during the Trump Administration, Taiwan would come out on top, followed by the South China Sea, the Senkaku Islands, and then the rest of the world. He also noted that the Sea of Japan could become a focal point for conflict with China.

In May, President Biden reaffirmed this position when he informed a reporter that Taiwan’s defense, including with force, was “the pledge we made.”

Beijing would have a substantial advantage because of its close proximity to China, much to how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine gained speed once it narrowed its supply lines to concentrate primarily on the areas in the Donbas region just outside its western border.

When we gave up hunting for Made in the USA, China won the fight. Our stores would be bare of all items if we sanctioned China, including food, clothes, electronics, and medication. For the sake of our national security, Trump’s “America first” stance and the revival of manufacturing are essential. We are now far too reliant on China.

The entire globe came to the realization that the US is no longer a superpower after the humiliating defeat in Afghanistan. The US responded swiftly, escalating the tensions it had been building up for years since it sees itself as a hegemon (indispensable, unique, etc). Even if the entire (disposable) planet perishes in a fiery death, the United States is engaged in an existential struggle for its own existence.

With the current administration and military commanders, it’s a safe bet that the US would lose in no time, even with superior tools and training. These decision-makers are complete failures in everything they attempt to accomplish, and they will make mistakes along the road just as they have in the past with regard to economic, domestic, health, border security, and other issues. It’s hard to identify one area in which they made the right choice.

Wars were not discussed when Trump was in office. I worry that Biden could accidentally lead us into conflict. Biden has erred on almost every topic. Even on his finest days, he had a lackluster approach.

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