America, Your Country Is On The Brink; What Are You Going To Do?

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/04/2023

Who are you going to trust, me or your lying eyes, as one of the most famous ever puts it? It appears that more of our political leaders are urging—or perhaps even commanding—Americans to disregard the injustices they can clearly see in favor of stories based on erroneous and destructive ideologies.

The people in control maintain that there is nothing to see here; go along as Americans struggle to live with geometrically declining levels of security, supplies, inexpensive electricity, savings accounts, job prospects, career-creating and career-relevant education, and even many of their liberties. We are expected to have faith in the nanny state.

Why would these politicians willfully disregard real, preventable disasters that, if left uncontrolled, could have a severe impact on their own somewhat privileged life and the wellbeing of their children? Questionable ideologies, rage, hatred, pride, and the unwillingness to admit one is mistaken are all spot-welded to biased minds.

Let’s examine four instances of political correctness worshippers who have either created or denied, or both, situations that have the potential to harm people’s quality of life.

The first is the global energy supply issue, specifically the lack of energy necessary to maintain human life.

The truth is that fossil fuels continue to be the source and guardian of human life and civilization, despite the best efforts of those promoting green and renewable energy sources to the contrary. Eliminating fossil fuels is the same as giving millions of people around the world a death sentence.

The green energy zealots and their media and celebrity facilitators have doubled down on their denial of any energy emergency that threatens the quality of life of others despite the fact that two voices, among many, have spoken out on this subject.

Donald Trump is the first person that springs to mind. Yes, alert the authorities: If Trump said it, many on the left would reject it, slander it, and discredit it, regardless of how correct his warning as president may have been.

However, Trump cautioned that unstable green and renewable energy sources would endanger the genuine energy needs of Germany and Europe during a speech at the UN four years ago. In his face, the German delegation genuinely laughed.

They have stopped laughing. Europe is facing energy shortages and a potential crisis this winter as a result of the war in Ukraine effectively cutting off natural gas supplies from Russia.

Elon Musk, who recently asserted that “civilization will implode” unless we continue utilizing oil and gas in the near future, is the next significant figure I can think of who has spoken out on the subject. He tweeted earlier this week, saying that nations should boost their nuclear power output. Shutting them down is absurd from the perspective of national security and harmful to the environment.

No matter how much the liberals who promote green energy despise Trump and Musk, their warnings are still valid. We can witness firsthand how Europe’s energy issue is developing and how it may eventually affect us. and what follows?

Consider the battle zones that some of our cities have evolved into next. You’ve never heard of that tale? Not surprisingly, Annually, urban violence claims thousands of lives. Why is this not considered a national emergency? Political correctness forbids us from discussing those lost lives because many of them were the result of gang violence or rivalry between young men over territory. Occasionally, women or children who are innocent get caught in the crossfire.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently published an editorial with the ironic heading, “Curbing violent crime is an all-hands job,” which is fairly blatant considering that several staff members at the publication supported earlier calls to “defund the cops,” which voters chose not to do. In major cities in Minnesota, crime, especially violent crime, is at almost record levels, with emboldened criminals feeling more free than ever to use even the deadliest weapons without regard for the law or human life.

I’m serious. Demoralizing the police has that effect, and some communities are having trouble replacing those who leave. This is taking place not only in Minneapolis but in cities around the country, and in some locations, prosecutors have decided not to pursue specific charges.

From the epidemic of violence, let’s switch to the epidemic of obesity in America. Oh, no, we also can’t talk about that. According to political correctness, addressing this issue would amount to “fat shaming.” However, obesity is an epidemic that is responsible for the annual death toll of tens of thousands of people.

Although we can see it and understand the suffering it brings, we are admonished not to “trust our deceiving eyes.” Instead of addressing a growing health catastrophe, some find it much more politically convenient to mainstream obesity, let people suffer from chronic illnesses, or even let them pass away.

The COVID-19 pandemic is also brought up by the subject of health. Although the virus was blamed for millions of fatalities globally, the exact origin of SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan, China, is still unknown. Our political leaders ought to investigate this more. And why not, if they don’t want to uncover solid proof?

People all throughout the world are harmed by only these four problems. However, a lot of individuals in power in the realms of politics, the media, academia, science, medicine, and entertainment either choose not to recognise this or, worse, work to penalize anyone who dared to criticize their politically correct practices.

We run the risk of the infrastructure and rule of law that support society collapsing if we don’t address the tragedies we are directly experiencing. The siren indicating a point of no return is ready to shrill as the timer continues to run down.

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