If Hillary Was Getting Same Treat Trump Has Received....
There’s no doubt about it. If Hillary Clinton was in the same situation that Donald Trump was getting right now, Democrat Representatives would be protesting, holding press conferences and the media wo ... Watch Now.
Most Of America's Elite Want Voters To Fear Protesting Against The Government
DC leaders have created devastating names, jailed many, withheld evidence, attack and defamed a former president, all for the idea of scaring voters into not creating mass protests. It’s plain to see t ... Watch Now.
Ron DeSantis Response/Protest Warning
The guys started off the show talking about Donald Trump’s pending indictment, Ron DeSantis’ response and what you shouldn’t do if you plan on protesting on Tuesday ... Watch Now.
If We Had Adults At The Federal/State Levels, We Would Be Unstoppable
The lack of diplomacy and common sense is deafening at the federal level is deafening ... Watch Now.
Are You Connecting the Dots Too?
Adding all of this up, connecting all the dots is what we’re trying to do. We’re not experts but we’re not novices either. We are #YourNeededRealityCheck ... Watch Now.
The Elite Class Has Us At Each Other's Throats For Their Amusement
Let me see if I can break it down for you. We’re arguing with other Americans and neither of us are changing anything. Congress keeps us at each other’s throats with their division policies. Media keep ... Watch Now.
This Banking Debacle Solidifies The House Of Cards We Keep Talking About
If you are a regular listener/watcher/supporter of our broadcast, you know how we try to prepare you for what’s coming without gaslighting and lies because we want you to be ready when everything goes ... Watch Now.
There's No Other Way To Explain What's Going On Better Than This
We continue to tell our listeners, there’s something happening, something going on under our noses. While the elite have us arguing with each other, they are tearing our country apart. ... Watch Now.
Fauci Says Republicans Have Gone Off The Deep End
Jim Acosta asked Dr. Fauci about calls to prosecute him, and he answers, “Prosecute me for what? I mean, I wish I could figure out what the heck they were talking about. I think they’re just going off ... Watch Now.
Treasury Secretary Says No Bailout For SVB
According to reports on Friday, the receiver, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), tried to find another bank to consolidate with Silicon Valley Bank over the weekend. ... Watch Now.
Nancy Mace Believes Continuing Talks About J6 Keeps Country From Moving Forward
Nancy Mace: I see this in two parts. I think both sides are really struggling, looking at the nomination process. You’ve got some on the Left that don’t want [President Joe] Biden to run. You’ve got th ... Watch Now.
This Country Was Never Built For What Congress Is Allowing
What happened to accountability? What happened to law and order? What happened to love of country and patriotism? What happened to beliving in God? What happened to trusting elections? What happened to ... Watch Now.
J6 Committee Withheld Evidence to Lawyers of Incarcerated J6 Prisoners
If there is one thing that is a constant about the Government. If they want you legally, they will get you legally or illegally. There is no timetable and nobody is coming to help. Do you agree? ... Watch Now.
Many Believe America Went Radical After Obama's Presidency
Many believe the country lost something after Dems pushed Obama on them along with many laws that Americans never asked for but were forced into accepting ... Watch Now.
Hutch And JR Discuss The J6 Tapes
This clip is from the Wayne Dupree Podcast that broadcasts Mon-Thu 12-1 pm EST. The deliver #yourneededrealityceck along with #realtalk ... Watch Now.

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