DeSantis Says He Feels Good About Iowa
REPORTER: Why Utah today? Your poll numbers behind President Trump have been pretty substantially behind and… RON DESANTIS: Not here! (HUMAN LAUGH) (CHEERS) No look, I think at the end of the day… RE ... Watch Now.
Every American Needs To Know About CCP Plan 13579 | Roy Guo
According to Mr Miles, the plan goes like this: develop a biochemical weapon 5 years . 3 to make it available in 3 years from 2017 ensure the bioweapon lasts for 5 years from it release ... Watch Now.
WDSHOW PODCLIP - You Can Trust In The Wayne Dupree Show
For the past 12 years, the @WayneDupreeShow has been providing political analysis and opinions, unwavering in our commitment to conservative values. We remain unswayed and independent, not succumbing t ... Read More.
WDSHOW PODCLIP - Dems Bringing Out Racist Card Against RFK Jr?
Dems attack on RFK Jr is out of bounds but when have you known them to play by the rules? | Biden’s deficiencies are growing in size every day! via @WayneDupreeShow @HBRadioGuy @JRobFromMN @redvoicenew ... Read More.
WDSHOW PODCLIP - This Military Ain't My Military
What we’re watching happen to our US military is 100% criminal. The social experiment, the trans-operations, the diversity and equity training. The Dems and Republicans are weakening our forces and eno ... Watch Now.
I Will Never Give Up Exposing Evil | Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson is one of the world’s most recognized figures. He has gone through the system of being suppressed, jailed, bankrupted, reputation tainted and so much more all in the name of exposing ped ... Watch Now.
Miles Guo Will Never Give Up | Aila Wang
The New Federal State of China is an operation created by Miles Guo, designed to wake up America to how the nation needs to decouple from the CCP. If the U.S. decouples and separates from the Communist ... Watch Now.
Why Is The Media Trying To Destroy Nationalism
📣 Sharing a news update: Senator Tommy Tuberville’s recent encounter with the U.S. media has sparked a debate on defining white nationalism as a racist term. In a courageous move, the Senator challenge ... Watch Now.
Is WH Cocaine Story A Distraction Of Janet Yellen In China?
🚨 Alert 🚨 Janet Yellen, Sec of Treasury is in China during this WH “cocaine story” which has lasted all week. Our guest, Nicole Tsai @Nicole7749NYC of New Federation State of China @NFSCSpeak just remi ... Read More.
Did You Know China Owed the U.S. Nearly 1T Dollars?
I learned the USA was owed nearly $1 trillion from China and Nicole Tsai @Nicole7749NYC of New Federation State of China @NFSCSpeak broke it down what that was about and more! Reminder, CCP and China a ... Read More.
We Shouldn't Be Ostracized If We Don't Believe In Vaccines
🚨 We were talking about vaccines, and no matter where YOU fall on the subject, we’re all different and have our own minds made up on what we think about them. Here’s another #PodClip from our Jan 6th @ ... Watch Now.
Is WH Cocaine Story a Distraction?
Here’s a #PodClip from our July 6th show. Make sure to support our #RealTalk broadcast by sharing and following our #WayneDupreeShow channel at! Download our free app and le ... Watch Now.
Has Supporting The New Federal State of China Hurt The Show?
Nicole Tsai @Nicole7749NYC of the New Federation State of China @NFSCSpeak had a question for us regarding our support of their anti-CCP message. We support them because they are right and fighting for ... Watch Now.
Guest: Roger Stone | Wayne Dupree Show
Roger Stone has been in the business for longer than anyone can imagine and he’s been part of the winning strategy for many a candidate. Today, he joined the Wayne Dupree Show to talk about President D ... Watch Now.
PodClip 026 - The GOP Ain't For Us! | Wayne Dupree Podcast
Some people just don’t get it about the Republican party. Schiff was dead to rights in getting censured and fined for lying about Trump and he got let off the hook via @WayneDupreeShow @HBRadioGuy @JRo ... Read More.

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