Council Member Claims Texas And Arizona Governors Turned DC Into A Border Town

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/04/2023

The governors of Texas and Arizona are to responsible for the public migrant emergency in the city, according to Brianne Nadeau, a member of the District of Columbia Council. She and Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser gave a status update on migrant support on Thursday, and she noted that the city’s services were not designed to handle the ongoing influx of migrants from the southern states.

Accordingly, she told reporters, “the governors of Texas and Arizona have caused this problem, and the federal government has not stepped up to assist the District of Columbia. It has been mentioned, but it is worth repeating. Therefore, we will respond appropriately to the situation, working with our regional partners.

She is correct in two regards: first, “the federal government has not stepped up,” and second, their situation is a very small sample of what is occurring in border communities nationwide. Specifically, the inflow of sizable populations whose requirements strain the available resources and impair their capacity to care for their own inhabitants and taxes.

Someone needs to gently explain to the distinguished council member what is the responsibility of the state and what is the responsibility of the federal government. I might be mistaken, but ICE was a federal agency as of the last time I looked.

Nadeau pointed out that it was impossible to predict how long the migrant influx would last. In recent months, they have also been sent to New York City.

The governors of Texas and Arizona, she said, “have in many ways transformed us into a border town. We’ve learned from border cities like El Paso and Brownsville.

It’s time to reap the benefits of your previous actions, as this councilwoman stated in a tweet from 2019: “The District is a sanctuary city, which means our law enforcement does not cooperate with ICE. As Councilmember, I have called for an abolition of ICE and wrote DC’s law to establish a permanent immigrant legal services fund.”

When Bowser declared an emergency, money was set aside for migrant housing and the establishment of the Office of Migrant Services.

The OMS will be in charge of providing short-term housing, immediate medical care, transportation, and other assistance.

In order to coordinate our reaction with our partners, she continued, “we are putting in place a structure.” “This will involve a program to meet all buses, and given that the majority of people will go on, our primary objective is to ensure that we have a compassionate, efficient, welcome procedure that will let them to move on to their final destination,” the statement reads.

In addition, Bowser said, “the District of Columbia will continue to engage with partners to advance what we need and make sure our systems in D.C. are not shattered by a crisis that is definitely not of our own, regardless of the federal reaction, which I think has been weak in some aspects.

What would they name those border cities if DC declares a state of emergency as a result of buses transporting illegal immigrants into the city, a picknick? Progressives will go to any lengths to avoid facing the truth, even if it means siding with the opposition party and speaking the truth about a party member. Every state receiving buses should travel to the border to observe what Biden has done and is doing.

The issue is Bidet’s pro-open-borders posture and their reluctance to take any action to rein it down. A related factor is the mayors of sanctuary cities’ failure to urge that the White House stop this invasion or their unwillingness to willingly assist the border states, who are responsible for the majority of the issues.

Several busloads of immigrants have been transported to the main cities by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has done the same.

The “sanctuary” city regulations, according to Abbott, are to blame for the overcrowding in border areas in the Lone Star State.

Earlier in the week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams dispatched a “fact-finding” team to the Texas border.

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