Dem Rep Drops Truth Bomb About The Border Crisis; ‘It’s Not Closed’

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/04/2023

During an appearance on Fox News on Friday afternoon, Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar attacked the Biden administration for its handling of the border problem. “When they claim the border is closed, they’re really not talking about the same thing. It is not shut. We received 1.7 million visitors the previous year. We’ll probably have about 2.3 million at the conclusion of this fiscal year, Cuellar predicted to Fox News presenter Neil Cavuto.

“That amounts to about 4 million people in only two years. If you include the 400, 500,000 getaways, that amounts to 4.5 million people. You must experience consequences. When it comes to having consequences, my friend Tony Gonzales and I are on the same page. There should be consequences at the border. They’ll keep coming if not,” Cuellar stated.

The southern border has been traversed by just about 3.5 million migrants since January 2021, according to United States Customs and Border Protection data.

In July, the Biden administration requested assistance from select U.S. Agency for Global Media journalists in the processing of immigrants.

“We’ve both been working really hard to keep this border safe. One of the things we’ve done, according to Republican Texas Representative Tony Gonzalez, is secure $90 million for Operation Stonegarden monies. The sheriffs and the local law police receive these federal money to assist them.

“Due to the absence of border patrol personnel in the field, local sheriffs frequently bear the brunt of the workload. They are in the facilities for processing.

Mayors’ complaints about buses transporting migrants from the border were addressed by Cuellar as well.

“Laredo, which is where I was born and raised, was the first city to bus some border residents away from the border. Cuellar claimed, “We literally bused them to Dallas and Houston. “Wonder what occurred?

What are you doing, the mayor of Houston contacted the mayor of Laredo and asked. They can’t be sent over here. It’s therefore intriguing that individuals may advocate for free borders. They object when it takes place in our own backyard.

But what they are witnessing is only a fraction of what Tony Gonzalez, myself, and the border communities are witnessing.

“The Bipartisan Border Solutions Act is one of the pieces of legislation that Congressman Cuellar and I put together. It sends immigration courts back to the border, which enables cases to be reviewed in days rather than years and permits enforcement, according to Gonzalez.

“I traveled to Rock Springs and went to the high school. Concerning school safety, that is. He claimed, “Last week, I received SMS on my phone saying there was a bail-out and they were armed and violent.” My classmates were snapping photographs, he claimed. We had to take cover in one spot. We had no idea what was going on. Everyone still has Uvalde on their minds.

There is a perilous scenario at the border, according to the author. No conclusion is in sight. Today, every city in the US is a border city.

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