Donald Trump Hits Back At Opportunist NY Attorney General

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  • 03/04/2023

One day after she filed a broad fraud case against him and his family, former president Donald Trump called New York Attorney General Letitia James “racist” and “grossly inept” in a furious social media rant on Thursday.

Trump referred to James as “a poor A.G. when it comes to defending the citizens of New York State” in a post on the Twitter-like site Truth Social and lauded her Republican campaign competitor, Michael Henry, as a “strong crime fighter.” A lot of criticisms of James from news outlets and other social media accounts were also posted by him.

Additionally, Trump appeared to support the idea of running for president once more in 2024 by posting a number of statements on social media. “Trump Should Announce His Candidacy Before the Midterms,” runs one headline.

Trump, three of his adult children, and some of his longstanding business partners are accused in a civil complaint filed by James on Wednesday of fabricating financial accounts for years in order to gain different financial advantages. The Manhattan Supreme Court has received a 220-page civil case that demands at least $250 million in restitution. She said that her agency referred a criminal case for investigation into potential federal offenses, such as bank fraud and lying to financial institutions, to the IRS and federal prosecutors in Manhattan.

They believe that Manhattan is home to the best bankers in the world. These bankers graduated with advanced degrees from Harvard and other prestigious business schools, having attended the best colleges. This lawyer for the Democratic Party believes she is wiser than all of these bankers, and that they miscalculated the worth of the properties tied to Trump’s loans when they appraised them. In Manhattan, the sharpest minds were in error, but this prosecutor is correct? What does she stand for? Does she also charge the bankers?

It seems that many people truly think that a lender will accept the borrower’s claim that the collateralized property is worth what is stated by the borrower. People, that’s not how it works. Appraisal firms take care of that small task, and lenders are hesitant to extend credit for more than a home is worth.

Trump’s flurry of online statements happened at the same time that he is dealing with a number of other legal issues, such as a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice that prompted FBI investigators to search his Florida property last month.

A federal appeals court agreed with the DOJ versus Trump on Wednesday. The raid on the Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach resulted in the seizure of roughly 100 classified papers, which allowed federal agents to resume their study of them.

James, a New York official who ran for office on a platform promising to look into the then-president, was not the target of Trump’s posts about him. Trump criticized the latest lawsuit as “another Witch Hunt by a racist Attorney General” in a post on Truth Social on Wednesday in reference to James, who is Black.

The ex-most president’s recent assaults on the AG, however, were part of a run of more than three dozen postings and re-posts in which he alternately exaggerated positive articles about him and attacked some of his alleged political foes.

He posted articles with headings like “Trump Is The Greatest Man Alive” and “History Is Calling Donald Trump” from right news sources. Additionally, he made disparaging remarks against a number of individuals, including CNN anchor Don Lemon, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and others.

In one post, Trump targeted Mike Pence, his former vice president, for once more claiming erroneously that massive fraud was the reason he lost the 2020 election to President Joe Biden. The statement was sent in reaction to a measure to alter the electoral process being passed by the House, which Trump said was evidence that Pence could have rejected states’ electoral votes for Biden rather than allowing Congress to confirm them.

There probably hasn’t been any American who has received as much attention from the legal system and the press as DJT. It had already gone too far a long time ago. If this were a fictitious movie, it could be humorous, but it’s all too true. Although there are already several tiers of justice for the wealthy and the poor, liberals and conservatives, the left and deep state have produced a particularly heinous one for just one individual. Thankfully, it seems that he (and family) are enduring, if not thriving through, these trials, and we can only hope that they will do so in the future. If they have any, those who are assaulting him ought to be embarrassed. They undoubtedly lack morality.

Trump also appeared to support the idea of running for president again in the 2024 election cycle by sharing a number of posts.

Trump has hinted that he may run for president again, but he hasn’t actually declared his candidacy. Trump is running, The Washington Establishment Fears A Second Term Trump, and Donald Trump Must Be The 2024 Republican Nominee were among headlines from conservative blogs that he reposted on Thursday.

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