Illegals Say Thanks To DeSantis For Sending Them To Martha’s Vineyard; ‘Did Us A Favor”

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/04/2023

According to an MSNBC reporter, immigrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts are appreciative of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) for sending them there.

The roughly 50 persons who were transported from Texas to Florida and then to the island, according to the media and others, were victimized.

After reportedly operating on his behalf, individuals gathered immigrants into flights with promises of jobs after they crossed the border, according to others, DeSantis is even accused of human trafficking.

Cristina Londoo from MSNBC was on the island on Friday. She claimed to have communicated with some of the roughly 50 migrants that DeSantis had flown into New England using state funding to do so.

Network broadcaster José Daz-Balart questioned her about her interactions with the dozens of migrants who have dominated the news cycle on his show of the same name. When they were transported here, the most of them were unaware that Martha’s Vineyard even existed. Some others believed they had recently arrived in New York or another city. They were unaware that this was an island. They just traveled to Cape Cod to the joint base there with new clothes and cellphones after speaking to attorneys for the first time and claiming to have been delivered to paradise.

The network aired a footage from a man who claimed that DeSantis sent him and others to the island as a favor rather than “hurting” them.

Two more people said the same thing. In response to the video footage, Londoo said: “Some of them were promised employment and housing on the plane that brought them here to Martha’s Vineyard.” According to activists present, Jose, these folks were the victims of human trafficking. They demand that the Justice Department look into the actions of governor DeSantis.

What governor Greg Abbott is doing, as they claim that these people are being mistreated and utilized to exacerbate the country’s border situation. I can assure you that they are not upset with Ron Desantis; rather, they are grateful to him for bringing them to Martha’s Vineyard, where they were warmly welcomed.

Even if some passengers on the aircraft felt “used,” according to Londoo, they are not bitter since they saw themselves as “fortunate.”

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