[VIDEO] King Charles’ Emotional Address After Mother’s Death To World Delivered Another Side Most Rarely See

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  • 03/04/2023

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II the day before, King Charles III was observed crying as he gave his first speech to the country as a sovereign on Friday.The 73-year-old monarch is seen in behind-the-scenes video of the address asking technicians “was that alright” after offering an
emotional homage to the late queen in Buckingham Palace’s blue drawing room.

The video has gone viral on Twitter. According to presenter James Briggs, it is easy to detect Prince Charles’ passion after filming his address in the behind-the-scenes video posted by the Royal Family Channel. Even the hardest of hearts find it difficult to remain happy when the King says, “Am I done?”

The king was commended for showing passion while maintaining a regal manner by the commenters. One person said, “It was a beautiful speech, honest and respectful about a very committed, devoted lady, a great leader of our time.”

“Aren’t things unusual right now? For so long, he had been the Prince of Wales, but suddenly, everything about him declares, “I am the King,” wrote another.

After Charles arrived in London from Scotland, where Elizabeth II had passed away on Thursday, his address was noted. Shortly after a statement from Buckingham Palace said her physicians were “concerned” and had put her under medical monitoring, the 96-year-old passed away.

To be with the queen, members of the royal family went to Scotland. According to reports, Prince Charles and Princess Anne were by her side when she died away.

According to custom, Charles was crowned king the moment the queen passed away, and the British monarchy has never been empty.

The new monarch came on Friday to a standing ovation and cries of “God save the king” from the populace after declaring that he will govern as King Charles III and publishing a draft homage to his mother. At 6 o’clock U.K. time, the king gave his first speech in front of the nation at a special memorial ceremony held at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Charles delivered an emotional homage to the queen during which he was clearly overwhelmed. He also said that he would devote the rest of his life to serving the British people and that he had made Prince William and Kate Middleton the Prince and Princess of Wales.

He added seriously, “To my lovely Mama, as you make your final long trip to join my loving late Papa, “I just wanted to say thank you. “We appreciate all that you have done over the years to show love and commitment to our family and the family of countries. May “flights of Angels sing thee to thy slumber” happen to you.

The final phrase is taken from Act 5 Scene 2 of Hamlet by William Shakespeare. In this moment, Horatio pays respect to the Prince of Denmark who is about to pass away and says, “Now fractures a noble heart. Good night, beautiful prince, and heavenly flights will serenade you to sleep.

Charles also said on Friday that he wanted members of his family and their homes to observe royal mourning until seven days following her funeral as a homage to his mother. As a result, people like Camilla, the Queen Consort, and William and Kate, the current Prince and Princess of Wales, will wear in all-black attire in public.

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