Bill Maher: Dems Have A Chance To Win Midterms If Abortion Is Issue

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  • 03/04/2023

According to Bill Maher, the abortion debate has provided a “turning point” in the momentum, and he is no longer forecasting that Democrats would lose the midterm elections handily. Maher recently told ITK in an interview that “things have truly turned around.”

The host of HBO’s “Real Time” referred to the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which reversed the federal right to abortion established by Roe v. Wade, as “the dog that caught the car with abortion.”

The Republican candidates don’t even want to be questioned about it, despite the fact that they have been attempting to do this for 50 years. When people are questioned about it, they sometimes kind of revert to their original response: “Abortion, I believe I heard something about a verdict lately,” Maher said.

The Senate and House majority held by Democrats are attempting to prevent the long-anticipated GOP victories in November. The president’s party nearly usually loses seats in midterm elections, according to historical trends.

In April, Maher predicted that Democrats would “get their ass kicked in November,” and now it appears that [abortion] will be the pivotal issue in this midterm election.

Maher, 66, said of the reproductive rights controversy: “We already know that there are so many new voters who have registered due of that same reason.” Not just women, either. Many guys also choose not to have children. What we’re learning, in my opinion, is that nobody wants kids because they’re brats.

The veteran lefty comedian declared that he had no intention of giving money to Democrats before the midterm elections.

Maher gave $1 million to a super PAC that supported the reelection of then-President Obama in 2012, and he gave the same sum to a Senate Democratic group in August 2018, two months before that year’s midterm elections.

He said, “Not this year, but I would definitely give it another thought if [former President Trump] were to run again in 2024. Maher said, “If I felt money made a difference.” “Look how it played out,” said Trump, “because the previous time he ran, he spent a lot less money than [2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton].” Money can occasionally have the opposite impact, after all. People begin to despise the person who created the advertisement when they are carpet-bombed with campaign advertising they have already seen 100 times. God, if I see this commercial one more time, they thought, even if they loved them at first.

Maher, a ferocious opponent of Trump and Republicans, has gained acclaim in conservative circles in recent months for criticizing the “woke” politics of the far left. When asked if he had altered his mind about any particular subjects, Maher responded, “I hope so. Of course, that’s what’s meant by “growing.”

“I’m so happy I don’t work in politics. Politicians must act as though the views they held when they were 18 are still valid now, Maher said. Otherwise, they risk changing their minds and coming out as inconsistent.

“I consistently strive to improve, develop, and learn. The comedian, who was raised in New Jersey, stated that if new evidence comes to light, “I can and will modify my position.

However, I believe that my outlook on life, politics, and my liberal education from my liberal parents are all quite constant. I believe I am quite steadfast in my understanding of what is most essential.

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