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Sen. Cotton Confronts Military Officials About Nuclear Threats And Policy
We should not be spending our money fighting other countries wars and certainly not Risk one more of our troops lives in the Middle East or elsewhere!! USA ppls n infrastructure healthcare and economic ... Watch Now.
Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen Desperately Tries to Put Out Fire Sparked By Silicon Valley Bank Collapse
Yellen spoke with Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation Sunday about Silicon Valley Bank’s bankruptcy and boosted bank confidence. Yellen said the US banking sector is safe and well-capitalized. “Resili ... Read More.
Fauci Says Republicans Have Gone Off The Deep End
Jim Acosta asked Dr. Fauci about calls to prosecute him, and he answers, “Prosecute me for what? I mean, I wish I could figure out what the heck they were talking about. I think they’re just going off ... Watch Now.
Treasury Secretary Says No Bailout For SVB
According to reports on Friday, the receiver, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), tried to find another bank to consolidate with Silicon Valley Bank over the weekend. ... Watch Now.
Nancy Mace Believes Continuing Talks About J6 Keeps Country From Moving Forward
Nancy Mace: I see this in two parts. I think both sides are really struggling, looking at the nomination process. You’ve got some on the Left that don’t want [President Joe] Biden to run. You’ve got th ... Watch Now.
This Country Was Never Built For What Congress Is Allowing
What happened to accountability? What happened to law and order? What happened to love of country and patriotism? What happened to beliving in God? What happened to trusting elections? What happened to ... Watch Now.
J6 Committee Withheld Evidence to Lawyers of Incarcerated J6 Prisoners
If there is one thing that is a constant about the Government. If they want you legally, they will get you legally or illegally. There is no timetable and nobody is coming to help. Do you agree? ... Watch Now.
Many Believe America Went Radical After Obama's Presidency
Many believe the country lost something after Dems pushed Obama on them along with many laws that Americans never asked for but were forced into accepting ... Watch Now.
Has China Replaced The U.S. As The World's Global Broker
After seven years of hostility, Iran and Saudi Arabia decided on Friday to reestablish diplomatic ties and reopen embassies. The significant diplomatic achievement reached with China reduces the likeli ... Watch Now.
Mom Abandoned Kids For Weeks; So Why Is She Smiling?
Police located Yates last week in Mobile, Alabama, where they believe she was sharing a home with a male partner, according to People. “She was pictured in handcuffs with a big smile on her face and se ... Watch Now.
Certified financial planner, Author of "Wealth Unbroken," Talks New Fed Payment System
Here are some clips from financial expert Rebecca Walser on the current situation with CBDC and nation’s banks. All this is setting the stage for the Federal Reserve’s #FedNow system If you haven’t se ... Watch Now.
Australian Network Wants To Know Why Mary Trump Goes After Uncle Donald So Hard!
In an interview with an Australian news anchor, ex-niece president’s Mary Trump was forced to clarify her harsh criticism of her uncle, former president Donald Trump. In preparation for her June trip t ... Watch Now.
Chip Roy Says Biden Is Trying To Create 'A Bankrupt Tyrannical America!'
We Need more people to know that you can watch this live, Since the Republicans opened it up for everyone to watch.. it does not matter if you are a republican, democrat or an independent ….everyone sh ... Watch Now.
Lauren Boebert Interrupts Cori Bush In Hearing; 'She Just Called The Witness A White Supremacist!'
Good for Boebert. Casual accusations of something as serious as white supremacy have got to be challenged. People have gotten comfortable slinging around charges like that with impunity. ... Watch Now.
Sgt. Vargas-Andrews on suicide bombing outside of Kabul airport in Afghanistan
What a massive tragedy. This entire administration needs to be held accountable for that absolute disaster of a withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a ton of other things too. They sit back with their stup ... Watch Now.

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