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Rep. Jordan Responds To Alvin Bragg's Lawsuit
House Republican Jim Jordan was sued by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg ... Watch Now.
White House Responds To Attack By Former DUP Leader, Claiming Biden ‘Hates’ The UK
On Wednesday, Senior Director for Europe at the National Security Council Amanda Sloat held a press conference during President Biden’s trip to Northern Ireland and spoke about comments made toward Bid ... Watch Now.
Owens To Witness: 'Have You Ever Run A Business?'
We have people working in government that can’t operate a gumball machine much less run a business. ... Watch Now.
Donald Trump Knows What's Going On With Currency Situation
We need this man with his common sense and experience back in the White House. Seriously, I don’t know why so many are jumping into the republican primary unless they simply want to defeat trump for th ... Watch Now.
Trump Has Idea Who Destroyed Nord Stream Pipeline
To debate global policy and the world’s evolution after Trump left office, the former president joins Tucker Carlson on his show ... Watch Now.
Trump Responds To France's Macron New U.S. Position Post China Visit
The former US president spoke with Fox News host Tucker Carlson for the first time since being arrested in New York.In an interview, the Republican Party’s prospective presidential contender stated tha ... Watch Now.
WOW! Republican Stumps Climate Change Panel
Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) questioned witnesses at a House Transportation Committee about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act late last month. Support our work and keep updated on the workings on ... Watch Now.
‘Donald Trump Took Questions Practically Every Day!’ Press Revolts At Briefing
When it was revealed that President Joe Biden will not hold a press conference while visiting Ireland, White House reporters were outraged, with one of them noting that former President Donald Trump “t ... Watch Now.
Biden's Energy Sec Asked About Fawning Statements Over China
At a House Appropriations Committee hearing prior to the Congressional recess, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) questioned Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm about some of her quotes about China. Support our ... Watch Now.
Rep. Chip Roy Calls Out Big Government
At a House Budget Committee hearing prior to the Congressional recess, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) questioned witnesses about the size of federal bureaucracy and economic growth. Support our work and keep up ... Watch Now.
Austin Tells Media Government Not Sure Who Saw Document Leaks
“The documents that we are aware of are dated February 28, March 1. I don’t know if there are other documents that have been online before,” Austin said during a press briefing. “These are things that ... Watch Now.
DA Alvin Bragg Files Lawsuit Against Rep. Jim Jordan
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg filed a federal lawsuit against GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, accusing them of seeking to interfere in his office’s p ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Kash Patel Joins The Wayne Dupree Podcast
Tuesday’s interview with Kash Patel hit on so many subjects and for an interview only meant to be 15 minutes and lasting 45 minutes, believe me it worth watching. ... Watch Now.
Jim Parkman Breaks Down Manhattan DA Indictment Against Donald Trump
Successful Lawyer Jim Parkman joined the guys on the Wayne Dupree Podcast to talk law and analyze Trump’s indictment by the Manhattan DA. Parkman’s reputation grew nationwide during his Netflix appeara ... Watch Now.
Soros Proclaims China Will Lead The World; U.S. Will Drag Behind
Support our work and keep updated on the workings on Congress by following our channel Stay Connected Wayne DupreeShow on Facebook: Wayne Dupree Show on Twitter: http://w ... Watch Now.

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