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Rep. Jerry Nadler's Border Claims Are Questioned During Important Hearing
I’m glad they are showing this . We need more transparency. Whether something gets do or not, that’s another story ! ... Watch Now.
If Re-elected, Trump Has Message For Woke Communities
In a social media video, former President Trump slammed the “woke left” and called ESG investment a “danger” from “radical left Communists.” ... Watch Now.
Liz Cheney's Replacement Is A Conservative Hit!
Hageman here spoke it loud and clear this is how a Government is supposed to work by coming down to the people as to what’s the problem. ... Watch Now.
GOP Senator Rips Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg: ‘He Flies Private A Lot’
Someone should ask the airline’s if they were reporting operational impacts. Let’s see if this man is a liar. ... Watch Now.
R Kelly Gets 30 Years For Sex-Trafficking; Escapes Lifetime Sentence
A federal judge on Thursday handed singer R. Kelly a 20-year prison sentence for his convictions of child pornography and the enticement of minors for sex but said he will serve nearly all of the sente ... Watch Now.
Buttigieg Blames Trump During Visit To East Palestine, OH
From East Palestine, Ohio, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg addressed the media and apologized for his delayed response to the train catastrophe. He also urged former President Donald Trump to t ... Watch Now.
East Palestine's Mayor Has A Response To Biden Ukraine Visit; "Slap In The Face"
In light of his town’s ongoing struggle with the chemical aftermath from a train catastrophe, the mayor of East Palestine, Ohio, called President Biden’s visit to Ukraine the “greatest smack in the fac ... Watch Now.
Republicans Want Oversight On Billions Spent In Ukraine
The House Oversight Committee demanded on Wednesday that the Pentagon, State Department and US Agency for International Development prove that the $113 billion in military and economic aid allocated to ... Watch Now.
Why Does It Seem That Biden Is Pushing China Into Partnership With Russia?
Americans that don’t follow politics don’t understand the magnitude of a Russia/China association because they are listening to the U.S. media tell them that Russia is losing and will probably surrende ... Watch Now.
It Seems We're On The Brink Of WWIII Without Any Calming Voices
U.S. President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, have escalated rhetoric about the Ukraine war, amid fears the situation could spiral into World War 3. “Ukraine will never be a vic ... Watch Now.
Senior Senator Claims His Investigation Into Hunter Biden Was Sabotaged
Anybody that obstruct the investigation should also be investigated for their criminal activity we want to see everybody’s tax receipts ... Watch Now.
Why Hasn't DeSantis Formally Declared for 2024 Yet?
Many past candidates give up their lives and offices to run for the Oval. DeSantis hasn’t done this. As a matter of fact, the FL legislation might change the rules so he doesn’t have to risk anything ... Watch Now.
We're We In This Situation Under A Trump Administration?
“World War III has never been closer than it is right now. […] We could end the Ukraine conflict within 24 hours with the right leadership.” ... Watch Now.
WH Now Claims They Didn't Blow Up Russia's Nord Stream Pipelines
National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby repeatedly denied that the United States was involved in explosions that damaged the Nord Stream pipelines, speaking to Fox News. “It’s a completely f ... Watch Now.
Are You Denying What You're Seeing With Your Own Eyes
The guys get deep about what they are seeing on the ground and we don’t think they are missing even a little bit ... Watch Now.

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