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Four Kidnapped Friends From Carolinas Had Traveled To Mexico So One Could Get A Medical Procedure
Gunmen kidnapped four U.S. citizens who crossed into Mexico from Texas last week to buy medicine but were caught in a shootout that killed at least one Mexican citizen, U.S. and Mexican officials said ... Watch Now.
China Warns U.S. If You Don't Hit The Brakes You Will Risk Confrontation
On Tuesday, the Chinese foreign minister defended Beijing’s position on the turmoil in Ukraine and defended Beijing’s close connections with Russia, warning that the United States must adjust its “dist ... Watch Now.
Rocks, Molotov Cocktails Thrown At Police Training Center
Nearly 150 protesters burned construction equipment and threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at police, according to authorities. ... Watch Now.
Buck Asks Adam Schiff To Add 'Anti-Christian Bigotry And Bigotry Against All Faiths' To Amendment
At a House Judiciary Committee hearing last week, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) spoke about an amendment on abortion. Congress has been broken for a very long time…like Joe says.. there’s different levels of ir ... Watch Now.
DHS Unknown Program Has Been Collecting Domestic Intelligence: REPORT
One of the startling disclosures in a large batch of internal documents seen by POLITICO is that for years, the Department of Homeland Security has maintained a practically unknown program gathering do ... Watch Now.
Dem Lawmaker Agrees To Lauren Boebert's Amendment, Then She Responds
There should be an amendment requiring Congress women and men to be in their seats five days a week so they can hear what these other amendments are being talked about and informing themselves of what ... Watch Now.
GOP Lawmaker Was Not Happy With Rep. Swalwell
If our government officials can’t pledge themselves to serve this nation, they need to be removed from office! ... Watch Now.
Bruce Willis' Wife Begs Paparazzi To Leave Her Husband Alone!
Emma Heming Willis has publicly asked the paparazzi to stay away from her husband Bruce Willis following his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis. The 44-year-old shared an emotional selfie video to her I ... Watch Now.
Our Government Is Not in The Fixing Problem Business
Have you noticed that the federal government is the source of virtually all of the problems we face? They’ve set themselves up as the ruling class, telling us what to eat, watch, vote for, support, and ... Watch Now.
Cornyn To Garland: I'm Astonished At The Lack Of Sense Of Urgency To Deal With These Cartels
This man is the same as Mayorkas.....full of hot air! I, as a private citizen, feel the consequences and weight of the Democrat party’s non-decisions! ... Watch Now.
Sen. Graham Asks AG Merrick Garland About Gender Transition Surgeries On Minors
During last Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) questioned AG Merrick Garland. ... Watch Now.
Blackburn Wants To Know What Garland Will Do About Leftist Attacks
At last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) questioned AG Merrick Garland about his handling of far-left attacks on right-wing groups and people. ... Watch Now.
I see this campaign as challenging a system that rigged for Biden: Marianne Williamson
Williamson referenced the DNC’s choice to replace New Hampshire as the Democrats’ primary election season’s first state with South Carolina, where Biden did well in 2020. Biden supported the DNC. Willi ... Watch Now.
Amy Comey Barrett Takes On Biden's Lawyer Over Canceling Student Debt
Justice Amy Comey Barrett, nominated by Donald J. Trump, asked a very important question about Joe Biden’s attempt to cancel student debt. ... Watch Now.
Dr. Ben Carson Speaks On Long Effects Of East Palestine Chemical Spill
We haven’t heard the human part of the East Palestine chemical spill like this. We need Dr. Carson more than ever ... Watch Now.

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