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"Kennedy's Bold Challenge: Give Me a Straight Answer or Lose My Vote!"
Exciting times during the Senate Judiciary Committee nomination hearing! Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) grilled Nina Morrison, nominee for the United States District Judge for the Eastern District Of New ... Watch Now.
Christie Says He Can't Support Trump If The Former President is GOP Nominee
During an interview on Fox News Tonight, Chris Christie, a Republican presidential candidate, made it clear that he won’t endorse Donald Trump if he becomes the GOP nominee in 2024. When asked by host ... Watch Now.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Unity: Regardless of Differences, Proud of Trump's Approval
Concerns have been raised by many Democrats about the potential impact on President Biden’s chances in the primary and the possibility of former President Trump securing another election victory, remar ... Watch Now.
Donalds Grills Dem on Energy Policies: "You Need to Go Back and Check Your Facts!"
Byron Donalds may very well be the future leader of the GOP. This guy just kills it every time he speaks. He just gets straight to the heart of the matter in a clear, concise, no BS way that not a lot ... Watch Now.
"Yellen Grilled: Did You Reduce the Deficit?" - Kennedy Holds Nothing Back
The more i listen to her the more i know we are all going to die broke and humiliated. ... Watch Now.
Darrell Issa Puts John Durham on the Spot: Unindicted Coconspirators Revealed in His Report?
I have to say Mr. Issa summed it up well. Some unscrupulous things are not against the law, and can ultimately never be. We have a constitution its as perfect as America is going to get. Are we better ... Watch Now.
Scott Perry's Explosive Outburst: Unraveling the Established Facts!
Even my cat is shaking his head over that guy’s testimony. Biden stopping the pipeline and drilling caused the emergency and his resultant out-of-control gas prices led to the tapping of the strategic ... Watch Now.
Textbook Accountability Via Byron Donalds
Just sharing my thoughts on recent events… 🌟 Mr. Donalds fearlessly speaks his mind, never hesitating to call out those whom he believes fall short. 🗣️💪 It’s intriguing to see how Pelosi declined Nat ... Watch Now.
John Kennedy Grills Dem Witness: 'Why Can't You Just Answer Me?'
I know I shouldn’t be laughing as our country goes down the toilet but John Kennedy makes me laugh hard when I watch him question people. ... Watch Now.
"Biden's Price Spike: Marsha Blackburn Reveals Shocking Rise in Grocery Costs"
As Americans struggle to afford rising costs and runaway spending, Senator Blackburn is right to call for accountability. Our representatives in Congress need to recognize that their decisions have rea ... Watch Now.
Durham Pressured by Dan Bishop - Inside the Alleged Lisa Page FBI Scandal
In a world where transparency and accountability are paramount, it’s disheartening when those in power choose to withhold the truth. We elect and appoint them to do one job: work on behalf of the Ameri ... Watch Now.
Harriet Hageman Rips FBI Apart at John Durham Hearing: Exposing the Corruption!
Congresswoman Hageman is on 🔥 ! With no name-calling or petty fighting, she accurately described how millions of Americans are feeling right now. Thank you for being a true leader! 🇺🇸 #leadership #Ame ... Watch Now.
"Rep. Luna puts EPA official on the spot with a bold question"
Rep. Luna nailed it! I have a question too. Since wildfires release carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases (GHG) that contribute to their climate change, why then would the EPA sign off on ... Watch Now.
Fox News Analyst Accuses Putin of a 'Classic False Flag' Coup
During an interview on Fox News, Rebekah Koffler made a bold claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin worked with Yevgeny Prigozhin, the chief of Wagner mercenaries. She accused the two of them stag ... Watch Now.
Mayor Francis Suarez | Faith And Freedoms 2023
Speaker: 2024 Presidential Candidate Francis Suarez (FL) The Faith and Freedoms Coalition holds the belief that what makes America truly great is not the federal government but the character of its pe ... Watch Now.

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