Mitch McConnell Needs To Retire Now; Health Seems To Be Getting Worse
During a press conference on Wednesday, Senator Mitch McConnell experienced a prolonged pause lasting approximately 30 seconds. This incident marked the second occurrence this summer. Subsequently, man ... Watch Now.
Trump 2.0 Is the Political Establishment's Worst Nightmare
The political establishment is apprehensive about the prospect of Donald Trump securing another term in 2024. The American people have witnessed both Trump’s and Biden’s visions for America. While Bide ... Watch Now.
While Other Countries Protest Their Gov't; America Has Been Relatively Quiet
Remember when America used to be the benchmark for protesting their government when it seemed to overreach against our rights? Well, nowadays, the American voter expresses their dissatisfaction with th ... Watch Now.
Donald J. Trump Returns To The Wayne Dupree Show
Wayne Dupree has interviewed Pres. Trump five times before visiting the White House in 2020 to speak with the Commander In Chief. The last time Trump was on the podcast, was the month before he came do ... Watch Now.
If You Watched The GOP Debate, What Did You Think?
Taking center stage and driving the most intense exchanges in the initial segment of the debate was Vivek Ramaswamy, a 38-year-old newcomer in politics and a technology entrepreneur. Despite trailing b ... Watch Now.
Fox News Hosts The Pointless Debate For Ratings; Are You Watching?
Let’s be honest. Donald Trump has nothing to gain by showing up for this Wednesday night debate. On average, Trump is mentioned 109 more times a day on Fox than his competitors combined. Half the cand ... Watch Now.
Retired Colonel McGregor Is Sounding The Alarm On America's Enemies
Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor, formerly a senior Pentagon advisor, has raised concerns about the potential risk of US-supplied weaponry to Ukraine finding its way into the illicit black market. In ... Watch Now.
DeSantis Labels Trump Supporters As Listless Vessels Before GOP Debate
The Trump campaign and MAGA world strongly criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Saturday for his remarks that seemed to characterize some of the former president’s supporters as “listless vessel ... Watch Now.
Weird?!! Everybody Is Begging Trump To Participate In GOP Debate
As the GOP primary debate draws near, the Republican National Committee (RNC) finds itself in a predicament due to Former President Trump’s decision not to sign their loyalty pledge. Last week, Trump m ... Watch Now.
If Donald Trump Is Not The GOP Nominee; You Will:
According to GOP strategists, there is a mounting apprehension that if Trump is not chosen as the nominee, a significant portion of his steadfast supporters, estimated to comprise 25 percent to 35 perc ... Watch Now.
Trump Indicted For 4th Time; Georgia DA Gives Aug 25th A Deadline To Surrender?
Donald Trump indicted for the fourth time. For the first time in 200 years, a drunk on power justice department, weaponized against the voters, has indicted a former president. A leading presidential c ... Watch Now.
Utah Mayor Says Not Only He Running To Beat Mitt Romney; He Can Beat Him!
“Romney’s just so out of touch, he doesn’t understand why Republicans here in the state and across the country have shunned him.” Mayor Trent Staggs is challenging Senator Mitt Romney in Utah for going ... Watch Now.
Crystal Clear: Trump Will Not Sign GOP Loyalty Pledge
On Wednesday, Donald Trump made it clear that he will not be signing a pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee—a requirement set by the RNC for participating in the first primary debate. In ... Watch Now.
DOJ Subpoenas Indy Journalist for J6 Footage: High-Stakes Showdown Ensues
On Jan. 6, 2021, Assistant U.S. Attorney Anita Eve subpoenaed independent journalist Steve Baker for all of the footage he captured at and around the Capitol. His subpoena suggests the DOJ is investiga ... Watch Now.
Petition To Revert Washington Football Team Back To Redskins In Motion
📢 A petition to change the controversial NFL team name reaches nearly 40,000 supporters! Formerly the Washington Redskins, the team dropped the name in 2020 amid racial tension. Fans now push to restor ... Watch Now.

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