WHOA! Schumer Overheard Telling Dinner Partner House Speaker Pelosi Was In Trouble

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  • 03/04/2023

Many people have predicted that the Democrats would lose their majority in the House in the approaching midterm elections in November. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer recently endorsed this viewpoint when he was caught secretly telling a gathering of Democratic Senators that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “in peril.”

Schumer was overheard saying these things at dinner on Monday at Washington, D.C.’s well-known Italian eatery Trattoria Alberto, where lawmakers frequently eat, according to Punchbowl News.

“Schumer let fly on a wide variety of issues throughout the meal. Other diners at the restaurant heard Schumer’s remarks because he talked loudly, and multiple sources later verified them, according to Punchbowl.

The other Democratic senators present at the dinner where Schumer delivered these remarks included Chris Coons and Tom Carper of Delaware, Mark Kelly of Arizona, Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, John Hickenlooper of Colorado, and Dick Durbin of Illinois.

Schumer was overheard saying that if the midterm election were taking place right now, there was “a 60% chance we hold the Senate and a 40% chance we hold the House,” in addition to just saying that Pelosi was “in trouble” given that Republicans appear to have a good chance of taking back the House, according to Punchbowl.

In direct contrast to Pelosi’s remarks on Tuesday, where she expressed confidence that Democrats will actually increase their House majority, Schumer’s concerns about the Democratic majority in the House are unfounded.

Pelosi said “Yes, certainly” when Punchbowl News questioned if Democrats will take back control of the House in the November elections.

After that, Pelosi said, “I was only in 12 places in 12 days. We’re all set. And remember this. We are prepared because of [DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney’s] leadership.

Therefore, when the Dobbs ruling was announced, it wasn’t one of those ‘If only we had known’ situations. No. Since Jan. 6 — well, since November of last year — we had been certain that we would prevail, Pelosi remarked.

So, we’re prepared. mobilizing locally, communicating, and generating funds. The most important thing, however, is that both the candidates and we believe. As a result, great individuals had fought for those districts for a year, ten months, and eight months, she said.

However, Pelosi’s prediction that Democrats will retain control of the House did not seem as sure as Schumer’s remarks at his dinner on Monday night.

Punchbowl also covered additional remarks made by Schumer at the dinner that were overheard, including ones about the present political climate and forthcoming elections.

According to reports, Sen. Chuck Schumer predicted that former President Donald Trump would run for office again in 2024, that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “sucks up” to Trump, that Democrats aren’t likely to win the Iowa Senate race, and that the Arizona Senate race would become more competitive if tech billionaire Peter Thiel decided to start spending money to support Republican candidate Blake Masters.

Schumer allegedly slammed Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia for claiming that taxing was like “inflation” for rich Americans on more recent matters unrelated to the midterms. According to Punchbowl, Schumer referred to that as “ridiculous.”

According to reports, Schumer also cited Andrew Cuomo as the reason why Democrats failed to pick up more House seats in New York during redistricting.

The overheard conversation apparently covered a wide variety of issues, but given Pelosi’s remarks and the state of the congressional elections around the nation, it appeared to occur at a critical moment.

The day following the meal, according to Fox News, Schumer contributed millions of his own funds to other Democratic Senate races.

The luncheon occurred one day before it became public that Schumer had contributed $15 million of his personal campaign cash to Democratic senatorial candidates throughout the nation, according to Fox News.

The Senate Majority Leader’s office, however, has not made any public statements on any of the Monday conversations that were overheard.

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