TX Lt Governor Says They Will Continue To Send Buses Of Illegals To Dem-Controlled Sanctuary Cities!!

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/04/2023

Despite what different virtue-signaling “whiny infants” have to say, Texas will continue to send buses of illegal immigrants to Democrat-controlled, sanctuary communities.

The Lone Star State also aims to draft legislation that would hopefully pass test at the U.S. Supreme Court in response to the “invasion” given that the Biden administration has disregarded its constitutional obligation to secure the southern border.

On “Fox & Friends” on Saturday morning, Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick seemed to be emphasizing this point while pointing out that the border is safe, but only on the side that is completely under cartel control.

Patrick has a lot of power on the legislation that is passed by the Texas Senate, which will reconvene in January.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, has so far moved roughly 8,000 undocumented immigrants to New York City and about 2,500 to Washington, D.C., which has outraged the far-left mayors of both cities.

Patrick made the implication that the group would soon be visiting other blue cities that advertise their position as havens for unauthorized immigrants.

Patrick criticized the wealthy, liberal residents of the Massachusetts island as well as all progressives who celebrate diversity in general, including those in Hollywood, calling them “a bunch of arrogant hypocrites.”

“Allow them to possess what they favor…

Let them know what our people are going through, especially in our border towns where we are constantly being invaded, he said in the interview that is split into two parts and that you can watch in its entirety and form your own opinions about.

Since President Biden took office, millions of illegal people have flooded across the border into Texas and other border states, causing a crisis in the area’s social services, law enforcement, national security, and public health, as well as, indirectly, in the interior of America.

Patrick made a suggestion to the Fox News hosts that Abbott is putting into practice what some would view as a demonstration project.

“We’re sending the buses because we do want to make a statement, and we’re hoping that by doing so, the blue Democrats in these cities and the blue governors in these blue states will exert enough pressure on the president to admit that he is clearly mistaken. You must work with us to secure the border if we are to do so.

Patrick made the implication that the situation needed to be resolved with something like to rough love.

Because of the hundreds of refugees that enter our state every day as well as the criminals and terrorists who breach the border, “we have been in a perpetual state of emergency…

I have no tolerance for these liberal Democrats and elitist lefties.

They won’t put pressure on their senators and congressmen in the Democrat states to take action until they experience the same suffering that Texans do and until they have to deal with similar issues as we do. This must stop now.

He also addressed the large amount of lethal fentanyl that traffickers are bringing in to the country.

“The president, the vice president, and the secretary of homeland security – and the spokesperson for all of them that shows up at the White House press briefings every day” are the only three individuals on earth who believe that the border is safe.

Lt. Gov. Patrick said it would be premature to discuss the specifics of an as-yet unwritten bill on national television and that the measure will be crafted with the help of leading legal scholars so that it is constitutional when co-host Will Cain asked if the proposed legislation would give Texas law enforcement the power of deportation.

Now that it’s three months away, let’s create the bill, but let me promise you that we will do so in a way that ensures there is no doubt about our right to safeguard our citizens.

I mean it when I say this. Legislators take this seriously. Texas residents take it seriously. The second thing I’d want to do is to explain how much money we are spending to all these whining kids up in these blue states who keep saying, “Oh, this is such a disaster.” Typically, we invest $400 million in border security annually.

“We spend more than $4 billion year in public money in Texas, which could be used for anything from healthcare to education to better highways. Our National Guard is stationed along the border. We are financially burdened by this. Most crucial, though, is that our state is being invaded. I’ve been saying that for a while.

Patrick also suggested that Border Patrol officers be hired in large numbers as part of a prospective lateral transfer to a new Texas border guard agency so they are no longer subject to the authority of the current POTUS. “In my opinion, Border Patrol personnel are heroes. They detest having to work for him. I think they’d adore working for Texas…”

He said that a president of the United States who refused to protect the nation’s borders was something the country’s founding fathers could never have imagined.

The Biden administration, according to Patrick, “has been dumping people in America for a long, long time,” and it’s time for the government to quit meddling with Texas.

“And now Texas is declaring that we are retaliating. We’re going to send them to your area, and we’re going to keep sending those buses until this government finally gets up to speed. Next session, we’ll adopt legislation that, with any luck, will take us all the way to the Supreme Court, where it will decide that Texas and everyone else has a right to defend their citizens, and we’ll be able to implement that decision. In these difficult times, we’re doing the best we can,” he said.

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