Walker’s Senatorial Campaign Take Huge Hit After Son Angrily Goes Ballistic With Family Issues On Social Media

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/04/2023

Hershel Walker, a Republican running for the Senate in Georgia, is the father of Christian Walker, who lashed out at him on Monday night after he denied funding an abortion for a previous lover.

A check was sent to The Daily Beast by a woman who said Walker mailed it to her in 2009 to cover the cost of an abortion. The unnamed lady claimed to have received $700 in payment and produced a receipt from an abortion facility. Walker reportedly sent her a note, according to Roger Sollenberger of the Beast, advising her to “rest,” “relax,” and “recover.”

Walker vowed to sue the publication over the article. Walker has stated on the campaign trail that he opposes abortion, even in circumstances of incest, rape, or to protect a mother’s life. Walker said he will sue the Daily Beast “tomorrow morning,” calling it a “flat-out lie.”

After the news and Walker’s response, his kid immediately started attacking. Christian Walker described his father as a violent, dishonest serial philanderer in a series of tweets.

Shortly later, Herschel Walker replied that he loved his son.

Thanks to relatively unwavering support from a large portion of the GOP base, Walker has survived problems that have brought down other campaigns and continued to be within striking distance of Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock.

The Republican candidate may face the biggest challenge yet as a result of a two-pronged attack on Monday that included his adult son’s shocking criticism of his father’s campaign and a Daily Beast article that claimed Walker had paid for his then-abortion girlfriend’s in 2009.

The surprising findings have some GOP leaders pessimistic about Walker’s chances of beating Warnock in a November contest that may determine control of the U.S. Senate just weeks before the midterm elections.

Walker’s prospects of winning the midterm elections are “probably a KO,” according to conservative commentator Erick Erickson. Former Republican House candidate Nicole Rodden accused party bosses of endorsing a candidate who “lost the GOP the US Senate for a second round.”

In response, Walker referred to the Daily Beast article as a “flat-out falsehood” and asserted on Fox News that he “never asked anyone to get an abortion, and I never paid for an abortion.” His lawyer has promised to sue the journal for defamation even if it stands by the report.

Are the recent events a pivotal point in the campaign or only a hiccup? Walker’s opponents must reluctantly admit that his campaign has displayed an amazing amount of resilience.

Despite several negative stories about his violent past, fabrications about his law enforcement career, academic record, and business background, and ambiguous campaign comments, he continues to be in a close race with Warnock.

Recent revelations regarding Walker’s unrecognized children appear to have had little to no effect on the Republican’s candidacy. However, other Republicans are concerned that the most recent events might put his candidacy at peril in a new way.

Christian Walker is “solely to blame if Herschel loses the campaign,” a Republican official close to Walker said, transferring blame for the candidate’s possible demise.

Another Republican veteran who is Walker’s ally claimed that the Senate nominee’s “galvanizing defense” will be modeled after Donald Trump’s ability to weather problems.

Walker alluded to his plan of action when he said that Democrats and their allies had threatened to harm his family during his interview on Hannity.

They need to work more harder since they won’t be taking the seat, Walker said. “They have put my family and my children in danger. They believe they can intimidate me. They believe they can frighten me. All they’ve done so far is give me greater energy.

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