It’s Not A Laughing Matter Anymore; The 25th Amendment Needs To Happen Before It’s Too Late

A gerontocracy, Sparta was renowned for being administered by experienced, sage Greek elders. It performed admirably. On the other side, America has evolved into a geriocracy, where the elderly, ill, and getting older are in charge. Not so good, actually. The man with the greatest medications is in charge here at the Home for the Elderly and Insane.

Recently, President Biden received a lot of accolades from both inside and outside of his administration for making it through 15 minutes of a “60 Minutes” interview.

However, Mr. Biden declared the coronavirus pandemic over during that supposedly successful interview, in which he occasionally appeared to be lucid. This undermined the entire goal of his presidency and destroyed the basis for every “accomplishment” he claims from his first two years in office, including his most recent smash-and-grab of innocent taxpayers’ student loans.

It’s a fairly low threshold for the elderly, wheezing geezer, let’s face it. To put it another way, Mr. Biden did not lose his balance while at the Old Folks Home. He also didn’t exactly take first place in the shuffleboard competition. When the lunch buzzer sounded, he really bit into the puck and attempted to respond to the shuffleboard cue.

His presidency will be remembered as a highly depraved instance of elder abuse. People will inquire, “Where was his family?” They will then regret asking, “Where was Hunter Biden?” after putting it into the computer.

Just last week, Mr. Biden forgot to take his medication as he invoked the dead during a campaign rally.

I want to thank everyone there, especially the partisan political officials present, such as Representative McGovern, Senator Braun, Senator Booker, and Representative Jackie. How is Jackie doing? — I think she’s going to be here,” he said excitedly, as if someone had just told him that one of his favorite “Matlock” episodes had just begun playing in the common area.

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski was a Republican from Indiana who tragically passed away in a vehicle accident last month, thus she was unable to attend Mr. Biden’s ceremony.

A news statement from the White House purportedly quoted Mr. Biden as saying, “Jill and I are horrified and grieved by the loss of Congresswoman Jackie Walorski of Indiana along with two members of her staff in an automobile accident today in Indiana.” This was allegedly spoken just a few weeks ago.

Evidently, he was “shocked and upset” to the point that he soon forgot about it. or just never learned about it.

Or perhaps the combination of powerful medications, advancing senility, and the quickening edge of death led him to genuinely see Mrs. Walorski just beyond the foggy gates.

Additionally, Mr. Biden has the abhorrent tendency of bringing up his own deceased son, Beau, whenever he finds himself in a sticky situation. He could have mistaken his honorable son for Mrs. Walorski.

He shouldn’t have put his finger anywhere near the button, in either case. Particularly now, when the world is seeing a nuclear standoff like we have never seen before. Our adversaries are looking on. They are moving as well.

Now, Mr. Biden shakes fictitious hands, gets the Easter Bunny to take him away, or gets instructions from his wife on how to exit a stage. Mr. Biden is so mentally unstable that he recently saluted an American flag unintentionally, greatly upsetting the Democratic Party.

Even if watching all of this is absurd and terrible for unwitting American taxpayers, the true issue is much more severe and amounts to a flagrant constitutional crisis.

Clearly, Mr. Biden is not in command. He’s obviously not making choices. He is obviously not in charge of the White House.

We must thus inquire: Who is in charge? Who is the current unelected leader of the nation? The person operating this wheelchair

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