Midterms 2022: America Can’t Begin To Move Forward If Same Government Is Left Unchecked

Republicans continue to paint with pastels rather than bright hues. Even the gravely risky “Respect for Marriage Act” has failed to elicit unified GOP opposition despite its oxymoronic name. Mitch McConnell, the minority leader in the Senate, has been evasive, claiming he needs to see the final version. Really? Hasn’t Sen. Joe Manchin III and the Democrats rolled him over enough already?

In order to force a congressional reset, the Elephant Party appears to be relying on President Biden’s appalling performance and a failing economy.

Maybe. But as we have learned through history, you cannot defeat something with nothing, even if it is really appalling, as in the case of Mr. Biden’s “Mein Kampf” moment in Philadelphia.

Midway through Bill Clinton’s first term, New Gingrich devised the Contract with America, nationalizing the elections. For the first time in 40 years, the GOP now controls Congress after picking up 54 seats in the House and 8 in the Senate. Before 1994, Democrats had controlled the Senate for 34 of the previous 40 years and the House for 58 of the 62 years prior.

The Contract, which consisted of 10 pledged laws that the new Congress would approve (all of which did, with the exception of term restrictions), was crucial to the political revolution. However, there were other strong influences.

Mr. Biden and Mr. Clinton both ran moderate campaigns. He also lurched to the left after becoming office, much like Mr. Biden. He pushed through a tax hike, a ban on assault weapons, and compelled the military to admit gays with the help of the Democratic Congress. After the election, a Wall Street Journal survey found that the most effective issue working against Democrats was allowing “gays in the military,” a result that is no longer supported by the majority of reports.

Hillary Care, which was Mrs. Clinton’s plan to implement socialized medicine, was another. The Family Research Council’s opposing campaign, in my opinion, was the most persuasive. Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Bill Clinton’s bizarre choice for surgeon general, was featured in the full-page advertisement. Her photograph was flanked by a banner that said, “Bill Clinton selected this doctor. He now wants to select yours.

President Obama used his well-known falsehood, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” sixteen years later to promote Obamacare.

More than 300 Republican candidates signed The Contract with America, which was released six weeks before the election. Highlights included a balanced budget amendment, crime reduction, and tax relief.

After the dust cleared, the GOP had recovered control of 20 state legislatures, added 12 governors, and held onto Congress.

With a few conservatives, I’ve been speculating about what may constitute a strong Contract with America in the approaching election. The GOP might have said something by now considering that the election is seven weeks away. Anyhow, here are 12 suggestions.

  • Establish border security and erect a wall. Even Democrats are concerned about this problem as millions of illegal immigrants cross the border and are dispersed around the country.
  • Cut the 87,000 new IRS employees’ funding. How many people in America support the IRS’s further expansion?
  • Restore the energy independence of America. Everyone will pay a high price as a result of Mr. Biden’s war on fossil resources, which also leaves America vulnerable to unfriendly governments.
  • Do away with the free student loans. Except for the lucky winners, forcing working Americans to bail out kids in “woke” colleges that educate them to hate America is not popular.
  • Reduce taxes and spending. The Democrats’ multi-trillion dollar spending has devastated thousands of small enterprises and resulted in devastating inflation. Families that are struggling with exorbitant costs deserve assistance, not more taxes.
  • Control the FBI and halt partisan searches. We’re rapidly losing our self-governing republic, from the Mar-a-Lago raid to goon squads stealing phones and assaulting Trump supporters.
  • Increase speech protection and religious freedom legislation. The First Amendment is dangling by a thread in the face of Big Tech censorship, LGBTQ activists, and bogus “rights” organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • Discontinue the implementation of all COVID-19 requirements and look into Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration. Bad health habits that almost likely result in fatalities are only one aspect of this. A totalitarian future designed by individuals who know “what’s best for us” is being tested out by the Wuhan epidemic.
  • Stop any federal pressure with the goals of critical race theory and transgender issues. They not only don’t “follow the science” or accurate history, but they also instill racism and craziness in young people.
  • Stop supporting Planned Parenthood. This has long been overdue. Taxpayers shouldn’t be made to take part in the killing of helpless people.
  • Repeal restrictions that restrict the right to carry weapons and are unlawful. The battle against gun ownership that the Democrats are waging is serious.
  • Demand confirmation of U.S. citizenship before allowing someone to cast a ballot. Enact further measures to ensure election integrity, such as requiring voter identification and fining counties that refuse to update their registration lists.

Tax credits for schooling, a ruthless assault on fentanyl traffickers (and their suppliers), and the elimination of “woke” military practices might also be included.

Good on anyone in the Republican brain trust who has already thought of something more powerful than this condensed list. If not, I hope it will at least spark conversation. We appreciate all of the suggestions.

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