I Am Not Sold On The GOP’s “Commitment To America’ With The Curren’t Leadership In Place

Republicans in charge doesn’t mean the United States gets a new lease on life. It’s a stunt, a manufactured stunt from the GOP side to secure an already sealed midterm win to tell the American people we are going to work for you and here’s our commitment. it’s not a contract like we saw in the late 90s, it’s a written commitment and we know how far that goes these days don’t we?

The new “Commitment to America” agenda, a core set of ideas that fit on a pocket card and are intended to assist House Republican leaders and their candidates successfully explain the GOP’s vision in the midterm elections, was revealed to GOP members on Thursday morning at a conference meeting.

The vision will be publicly unveiled to the American people on Friday in the Pittsburgh region of Pennsylvania by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and about thirty of his colleagues, but members got a sneak peek of it on Thursday morning at their conference meeting.

The agenda is the result of years of work by congressional Republicans to refine their positions on important problems including the economy, immigration, crime and public safety, education, and good government procedures through task teams that focus on particular subjects. In terms of the GOP’s attempt to engage in the cultural war on topics like immigration, crime, and national security as well as in opposition to the extreme left’s viewpoints on things like transgenderism and education, it also marks one of the most aggressive pushes the party has made to date.

The House Republicans received the two-page pocket card, which is available online, at the conference meeting on Thursday, and McCarthy will lead them in distributing it to the general public on Friday at a metal sheet manufacturing facility south of Pittsburgh. Along with the pocket card, a one-page preface outlines the GOP’s vision for the country, outlining the issues the party’s time in power in Washington has brought about as well as the reasons the GOP is the superior choice to represent American workers and families’ interests in Congress.

The GOP’s commitments to a number of problems are listed on both sides of the pocket card, and a QR code at the bottom of the back directs users to a website with a more comprehensive agenda from Republican task teams.

This is the first time that House Republicans have come together behind a single plan of action before the midterm elections since 1994, when now-former Speaker Newt Gingrich unveiled the “Contract with America.” The GOP wave victory in 1994 that saw Republicans take control of the lower chamber of Congress for the first time in decades was a result of the vision that was unveiled on September 27, 1994, on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol.

This vision, which will be officially unveiled to the public on September 23, 2022, a few days before Gingrich’s, is intended to help inspire and guide a similar wave win and then steer Republicans when they take office around a core set of values and operational processes.

Republicans will battle inflation and lower the cost of living by cutting unnecessary government spending and promoting regulatory change that will encourage job growth and better salaries, according to the opening paragraph of the manifesto. Additionally, it promises that the GOP would lower gas costs and restore America’s energy independence.

The text then pledges that Republicans will support efforts to “reduce dependency on China” and enhance U.S. supply chains, even if they first appear to be conventional Republican stances.

It urges the expansion of American industry, a shift in supply chains away from China, and improvements to America’s economic competitiveness and cyber resilience.

It then discusses crime and immigration. Perhaps most significantly, the Republican Party declares that it would “demand legal status to acquire a job,” thus endorsing a nationwide E-Verify program to prevent employers from choosing to hire illegal immigrants over American citizens. Republicans will “remove welfare incentives,” according to the statement, for illegal immigrants.

In order to reduce crime, the Republicans propose for a nationwide initiative that would push for the employment of 200,000 more police officers from coast to coast and provide recruitment incentives for would-be cops. Additionally, it states that Republicans would “permanently criminalize all kinds of illegal fentanyl” and “hard down on prosecutors and district attorneys who decline to pursue offenses.”

Republicans ask for the formation of a “Select Committee on China” under the national security section, which is still on the front of the wallet card.

The Republicans’ promise to enact a “Parents’ Bill of Rights” for school choice and to make up for learning that was missed while schools were closed because of Democrat lockdowns during the coronavirus outbreak starts the back of the card’s education section.

From there, Republicans take on the lunacy of transgenderism head-on. The Commitment to America manifesto urges us to “defend justice by guaranteeing that only women may compete in women’s sports.”

On health care, Republicans pledge to “reduce prices via transparency, choice, and competition, invest in life-saving treatments, and enhance access to telemedicine” as well as to “offer affordable alternatives and improved quality, provided by trusted professionals.”

After that, Republicans make a commitment to take on Big Tech, promising to “give more privacy and data security safeguards, empower parents with more tools to keep their kids safe online, and discourage firms from putting politics before of people.”

Republicans promise to “preserve our Constitutional liberties” in the paragraph that follows, and they make particular promises to “uphold free expression, maintain the Second Amendment, and protect the lives of unborn infants and their mothers.”

Following that, they make a commitment to “hold Washington responsible” and to “perform rigorous oversight to rein in government abuse of power and corruption, give true transparency, and compel the White House to account for its ineptitude at home and abroad.”

The GOP will stop allowing members of Congress to vote by proxy and will advocate for election integrity measures like voter ID and poll monitoring, according to the final paragraph.

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