Are You Having Anxiety Over The Election Integrity Of The 2022 Midterms? Should You?

Americans will choose a brand-new House of Representatives and one-third of a brand-new United States Senate in less than two months. Voters will have their first official chance to comment on President Joe Biden’s job performance at the midpoint of his first term in office.

Right now, Mr. Biden and Democrats are in charge of both houses of Congress as well as the White House. In the House, they have a 220-211 advantage.

Even though Republicans theoretically have two more seats than Democrats in the Senate, Democrats nonetheless manage to maintain control of the body by whatever means necessary. There are 48 Democrats and 50 Republicans. However, the two parties are tied 50-50 in the Senate due to the fact that avowed socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont and independent Angus King of Maine eat their lunch with Democrats. As a tie-breaker, Vice President Kamala Harris gives narrow, one-vote control of the chamber to Democrats.

For Mr. Biden and his fellow Democrats, this race has been shaping up to be a tough one. Parties in power nearly always suffer greatly during midterm elections. Add to that Mr. Biden’s historic unpopularity, record inflation and gas prices, spiking interest rates, nationwide crime sprees and open borders, it is little wonder that Democrats running for re-election are suddenly pretending to be Republicans.

Lt. Governor John Fetterman is vying for the Senate in Pennsylvania. He attributes all of the nation’s problems to Washington, which is totally run by his fellow Democrats, whose policies he has always ardently supported.

Rep. Dale Kildee, who had served in Washington for 18 terms, had previously held the seat in Michigan, where Rep. Dan Kildee is seeking his sixth term in the House. Even though Mr. Kildee has always voted with Mr. Biden, he now brags to people about his unexpected break with the Democratic Party.

The Democratic senator from New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan, likewise asserts independence from her party and the president, saying she “worked with Republicans to eliminate billions in needless expenditure.”

Last year, Mrs. Hassan joined other Democrats in voting along party lines to adopt the $3.5 trillion package that was the biggest budget buster in American history while purportedly addressing infrastructure and global warming. Mrs. Hassan voted along party lines this year to pass the $430 billion spending measure from her party, which was amusingly dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Therefore, before she spent “billions in unnecessary spending,” Mrs. Hassan “reduced billions in needless spending.” It’s time to leave the decision-making to the people of New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, the political press and helpless Democrats have recently been in full propaganda gear. They maintain that despite all of these obstacles, Democrats are on track to win in November.

Even Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell seems to be committed to his position in the minority, complaining lately about the quality of his party’s candidates. He has a similar voice to Maggie Hassan and John Fetterman. Something to do with shriveled politicians who will say anything, surely.

To avoid repetition, the majority of Democrats’ and the media’s aspirations are based on this summer’s Supreme Court ruling that put the decision of abortion back in the hands of state voters. The rest of their expectations are placed in the Democratic Party’s Captain Ahab-like pursuit of the outgoing President Donald Trump, who has been in power for two years.

Republicans do have inherent disadvantages going into the elections in November, it is important to note. Republicans gained 14 seats from Democrats in the House in the 2020 election, which was already a sizable victory for them. This year, the low-hanging fruit is much scarcer.

Republicans also have one of the toughest maps in recent memory in the Senate. Democrats are only defending 14 seats, compared to the Republicans’ 21. Pennsylvania, hardly a Republican bastion, is one of the districts Republicans are defending.

All things considered, everyone in Washington who is sincere will admit that they would prefer to run as a Republican this year. They probably won’t have any trouble retaking the House. And despite all of the lies, they have excellent odds of winning the Senate.

Nobody wants to campaign with Biden, which is a clear sign that Democrats are in serious difficulty.

We do not yet understand the role that abortion plays in a general election. But this idea that voters are outraged that they themselves — instead of an unelected Supreme Court — now control the issue of abortion is pure fantasy. The idea that regular voters truly care about the records seized from Mr. Trump’s Florida mansion is the only thing politically more absurd.

These are merely pointless diversionary tactics from the important concerns facing typical American citizens.

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