Biden And Company Want Americans To Depend On Government For Everything!

The question of whether or not President Joe Biden intends to reshuffle his economic staff following the 2022 midterm elections was posed to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre this week.

“According to recent polling, voters’ top concerns about the upcoming midterm elections are the economy and inflation. Voters have greater faith in Republicans than Democrats to manage the economy, by a margin of 2 to 1. Given the apparent consensus of the electorate, I’m curious if the president plans to make any adjustments to his economic team following the midterms “a news anchor said.


No, Jean-Pierre said in response. Her reply was very illuminating, proving that Biden is deliberately and systematically destroying the American economy.

Biden has put people in positions of power across the federal government to implement his extreme agenda for America.

“Bernstein, a former senior fellow at the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Heather Boushey, a founder of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, which focuses on inequality, and Cecilia Rouse, a former dean at Princeton, have all joined Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers to ensure that the administration’s economic policies are focused on workers rather than just markets. Here’s the group that’s pressuring Biden to resist the pressure to cave to deficit and inflation hysteria “In May of 2021, the New Republic published an article full of excitement. Take a look at Biden’s economic advisors and you’ll get the picture. A large number of socialists who have spent their lives trying to destroy the American system can be found there. After all, in their view, capitalism is hopelessly corrupt and must be torn down and replaced with something more suitable to their ideals for America’s future.

Fortunately, this agenda has been hindered in part because the Senate rejected Biden’s nomination for comptroller of the currency at the Treasury Department earlier this year. Blocking Saule Omarova was a result of her extreme communist ideas and opposition to free markets, as well as her insistence on central bank control of all currencies.

“In reality, this is the change that needs to take place instead than simply offering a public alternative for deposit banking. All deposits would be held directly at the Fed, meaning there would be no need for private bank deposit accounts “In a discussion board, Omarova expressed her views. We need to know how the central bank can legally and ethically deduct funds from people’s accounts without causing a political uproar.

However, Omarova wasn’t only interested in the financial industry. Under the cover of “climate change” and in her desire of government control, she also sought to bankrupt the oil firms.

“Particularly with enterprises and industries experiencing transitional difficulties. Here, specifically, I have the coal and oil and gas industries in mind. Many of the sector’s smaller firms are likely to fail in the near future. If we’re serious about stopping climate change, we need at least for them to go bankrupt “What Omarova said was.

The “transition” to alternative energy that Biden is imposing is achieving just this. Despite being disqualified from the presidency, the Biden administration has continued to implement her policies.

At a press conference in May, Vice President Joe Biden said, “[W]hen it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an unbelievable transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s through, we’ll be stronger, and the globe will be stronger and less dependant on fossil fuels when this is over.”

Jennifer Granholm, then-Secretary of Energy, indicated earlier this year that those who drive electric cars wouldn’t be affected by the gas shortages.


Biden’s hasty shift to alternative energy will cause a global economic collapse because oil is essential to modern life. This is true whether you’re talking about tractors utilizing diesel to harvest crops and transport them to markets or people driving themselves to and from work.

After Omarova called for the collapse of some industries in her January 2021 article, Biden has been attacking them relentlessly since entering power in January of that year. The purposeful increase in petrol prices by Biden and his government bureaucrats is intended to coerce Americans into purchasing more expensive electric vehicles. At the same time, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is being depleted without any preparations being made to replenish it.

In order to create a better system, you must destroy the existing one. Just what Biden and his radical leftist supporters are doing to the United States.






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