Not Once Has DC Thought About Cutting Spending To Fix America’s Woes; That’s a Problem

On its current front page, the New York Times’ top headline reads, “Democrats Spent $2 Trillion to Save the Economy.” They are unwilling to discuss it. Really? We’re going to put it in this frame, right? To some extent, you may answer, “Yes, that is logical. Democrats regret doing something foolish.”

But why should we give them praise for saving the economy? Can you do what every intelligent person worth listening to says would ruin the economy and rescue the economy?

Yes, the Democratic Party is only the political extension of our far-left, woke, corporate media, supporting its interests and agenda. But the absurdity of this headline still sticks out. Democrats made little investment in the economy. The economy is irrelevant to them. For their own benefit, they spent $2 trillion of other people’s money. By reducing the purchasing power and savings of working people, it is having the opposite effect on them. No one is more deserving of it.

The Trump administration approved stimulus packages intended to avert calamity at the beginning of the epidemic period. Tax rebates and so-called “loans” that American households got for hundreds or even thousands of dollars were known to be forgiven by everyone. The merits were never settled. You could even accuse Trump of trying to buy the public’s support if you so desired.

At the time, we cautioned against long-term incentives for inactivity. And that happened prior to Biden becoming office. After all, too much money chasing too little things is the standard explanation for inflation. On the one hand, assistance from the government for companies at a time when the government was compelled them to stop producing looked acceptable. But even someone as out-of-it as Joe Biden should be able to see the inflationary potential of deficit spending at a time when people were struggling to get toilet paper.

By the time it was passed, Biden’s stimulus plan was obviously unnecessary. By that point, the recovery had been under progress for a while. The COVID vaccinations had already been created and were publicly accessible when Biden unveiled his American Rescue Plan. By this time, the majority of individuals (outside of New York and Washington, D.C.) had given up playing Pandemic. Despite the dire warnings of economists who were not only Democrats but had actually worked for Obama and were speaking from the heart, Biden’s package was recklessly passed. And when inflation abruptly took off, they were right. Now, it has been above 8% for months.

This implies that by inflating the currency to bolster his own transient political fortunes, Biden is taking your retirement and your kids’ education fund. Do Democrats really want to discuss it in public, in your opinion? They obviously don’t.

When supply chains are disrupted, manufacturing is halted, and the money supply simultaneously expands by trillions as a result of politically designed deficit spending, the politicians involved will always try to deflect blame for making the situation worse than it needed to be. However, they are still in charge.

Joe Biden exaggerates the power of Satan when he claims that the economy is “as powerful as Hell.” Since the summer, the U.S. economy has been in a recession, and this is now becoming increasingly obvious. The Fed will need to keep raising interest rates because of the persistently rising inflation. That indicates that the unavoidable job losses, company closings, and drops in house prices are not far behind. Don’t allow Democrats avoid taking responsibility for their part in the problem.





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