Expect The Most Idiotic And Most Ridiculous Excuses When Dems Lose, Oh They’re Coming!

Since Democrats are incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions or the results of those actions, especially when voters hold them responsible for the disastrous consequences of those actions, they are working feverishly to prepare the ground for the things on which they’ll blame losses to the GOP before election day.

Voter intimidation and “mis/disinformation” are the two main new scapegoats, rather than the economy, inflation, crime, and opioid crisis, etc.

With regard to the latter, Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams has put in a lot of effort to support false information as the cause of her ostensibly impending loss to incumbent GOP Governor Brian Kemp. It “looks like she has some internal polling pointing to a surprising amount of black guys in Georgia voting Republican this year, so of course she needs to throw fingers at their purported gullibility,” Guy said in an earlier report. Guy correctly noted that Abrams’ statement that “black guys have been a very targeted audience for misinformation” was “very condescending.”

Similar offensive falsehoods are being spread about Hispanic voters who are allegedly “particularly sensitive” to misinformation because they use Facebook, according to multiple stories like this one. As far as Brookings was concerned, “Latinos are more prone than the overall population to acquire, consume, and spread ‘false news’ and misinformation online.” The tales that single out minorities as being more susceptible to misinformation or outright lies are barely veiled acts of prejudice, but they are required for Democrats to have something to pin their losses among these voting blocs on.

The mainstream media, big tech, and Democrats mocked and suppressed these risks in 2020, but Politico published a story on Monday worrying about the ostensibly “real risks that hackers could tunnel into voting equipment and other election infrastructure to try to undermine Tuesday’s vote,” as well as “domestic sources of mis- and disinformation” that have grown to be a “widespread and potent threat.”

The New York Times also published a piece quoting experts at “multiple cybersecurity firms” who “had found influence tactics powered by Russian bots and trolls that are targeting the forthcoming 2022 midterm elections.” These researchers are frequently devoted propagandists for Democrats.

President Biden has been promoting the idea of “intimidation” on Twitter and in his rambling but bitterly divided speeches, something Democrats are well-versed in following their unsuccessful attempt to influence the Supreme Court’s decision in this year’s Dobbs abortion case.

Voter intimidation was made out to be some sort of national plague by Biden in his rehash of the very polarizing Philly speech about his purported “fight for the soul of the nation” at Union State last week, but such pervasive violence directed at voters does not exist. The number of mail-in or in-person absentee ballots cast before to election day is significantly higher than it was during the 2018 midterms. If it exists as claimed, the “voter intimidation” that Democrats are blaming for their impending defeat is encouraging more people to cast ballots.

Additionally, Biden equated voter intimidation with election security regulations, including the Georgia law he dubbed “Jim Crow 2.0” and others.


On the other side of the political spectrum, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel stated on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday that “nobody should be intimidating or breaking the law…Do not break the law, do not attack or intimidate people who are trying to vote.” This is in contrast to what Biden and Democrats have claimed about Republicans conspiring to harass Democratic voters and prevent their participation in the democratic process.

McDaniel stated that while “poll monitoring is not intimidating,” RNC poll watchers have seen problems where they “are not being able to meaningfully observe,” giving rise to multiple lawsuits, one of which was successful last week against Green Bay, Wisconsin, election authorities.

Democrats are still unable to acknowledge that their policies — and the failings of those programs — are to blame, even though they appear to have been forced to recognize their inevitable defeats on Tuesday. If there is a red wave, there will also be a wave of even more stories of voter intimidation and misinformation as people try to rationalize what appears to be a dismal political performance.




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