Politics Aside, How Is Elon Musk Going To Fix This Before It Gets Worse?

After Elon Musk issued an ultimatum that appears to have backfired, a major percentage of Twitter’s financial division, including the payroll department, quit the company on Thursday.

Two sources familiar with the situation confirmed to Insider that Twitter’s payroll department as well as its US Tax team and financial reporting staff had quit. Twitter’s accounting and finance department handled all three divisions. One of the individuals claimed that while accounting was “less damaged” by the resignations on Thursday, it is still smaller presently.


According to a former employee, employees will begin receiving their paychecks once again starting next Thursday. They may have already been accepted, but the subsequent payments have not, the source said.

‘What happens in another two weeks?’ the questioner probed. When there is no one left who can give the OK, that’s when.

‘Now we’ll never see our money,’ another departing worker sobbed. Everyone who spoke to Insider on the subject requested anonymity. Twitter did not respond to an email sent late last night requesting comment.

Payroll and other financial department staff left amid a major exodus of Twitter employees who refused to adopt Musk’s “Twitter 2.0.” The billionaire who took over Twitter approximately three weeks ago sent out an email to employees on Tuesday declaring the social media site a “very rigorous” and engineering-forward workplace. He gave everyone till Thursday at 5 o’clock ET to determine whether or not they wanted to stay with the current Twitter. Those who received the email were instructed to follow the URL provided in it. Employees who did not respond to the link with a “yes” would be considered to have chosen to be part of a voluntary layoff and would receive three months of pay as severance, Musk added.

Even after the deadline had passed, Insider claimed that fewer than half of Twitter’s staff have opted in to use Musk’s Twitter 2.0. Musk, along with his personal transition team and a few remaining Twitter leaders, called and met with a number of employees individually to convince them to remain with the firm. Several people agreed, but the majority did not.

Thursday night saw the departure of several hundred additional Twitter employees, and an internal Slack channel was “flooded” with the salute emoji as employees bade farewell to one another.

Musk fired roughly 3,500 workers earlier this month. Two employees have speculated that there are now less than 2,000 people working for the organization after the departures on Thursday.





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