Maybe We Should Call It A Red Reckoning Because It’s About To Get Ugly

Democrats alone are responsible for the impending red tsunami. On matters that matter to voters, such as economic concerns, public safety, and parental engagement in school, liberal politicians are wrong. Liberals also continue to discuss topics that are uninteresting to the majority of voters, which gives the impression that they are out of touch with reality.

Unsurprisingly, the media appears to be just as irrelevant as the majority of leftist candidates.


Case-in-point: Chris Sununu, the governor of New Hampshire, was being interviewed by Chuck Todd of NBC News when this conversation took place:

Mr. Todd: “Why do you back an election fraudster? And do you believe the inflation problem is sufficient to justify backing a candidate who predicts that school buses worth of voters will turn out in New Hampshire?

“Yeah, let me tell you, man, you’re in a bubble,” said Mr. Sununu. Chuck, I love you, but if you think nobody is talking about what occurred in 2020 or about Mar-a-Lago and all that, then you are living in a bubble. I am aware that the media enjoys discussing it. Every day, when people need to fill up their gas tanks or buy groceries, they chat about what is going on in their wallets. Mr. Sununu hit the mark. They are isolated within a bubble.

I spoke with Mr. Todd in a similar way over the summer when he came to Wisconsin. The interview took place in Frame Park in Waukesha. Sununu repeatedly went back to January 6. I said simply, “Jan. 6th is no longer important.” A year and a half ago, they did. I challenged him to follow me around the park and sporadically inquire about their priorities from anyone he encountered. I predicted that they would mention the economy, their own safety, and the education of their offspring.

These discussions encapsulate the reasons why there will be a significant red wave on Tuesday. Liberals are not only mistaken on the problems, but they also don’t understand it.

Most voters have become aware of the nearly two years of significant government expenditure under the pretext of “inflation reduction,” even though prices are skyrocketing and inflation is at a 40-year high. This includes suburban women, who played a crucial role in the Democratic Party’s triumphs in 2018 and 2020. Recent surveys indicate a major shift in support for Republican candidates.

Election-denying Stacey Abrams was questioned on former President Barack Obama’s essentially suggesting that Democrats need to talk less woke and address the real economic issues facing Americans now during an interview on “Morning Joe.” Her comment clarifies why she will once again lose:

“At the moment, we are avoiding the important issues that affect people so frequently. The cost of abortion is a concern.

In other words, leftists like her turn to radical attitudes on abortion because they lack a meaningful solution for the economy and high expenses.

First, a sizable portion of voters in tight races agree that abortion limitations of 15 or 20 weeks are realistic and that abortion without restrictions is an extreme. Second, the fact that Democrats appear to be focusing 90% or more of their advertising and direct mail on abortion gives the impression to many voters that this is the only issue they are concerned with. Regardless of their opinions on abortion, the majority of Americans say that the economy is their top issue. Anyone who ignores it does so at their own risk.

On other matters as well, liberals are in their own little world. Campaigns to “defund the police,” remove cash bail, and promote the early release of violent offenders have made many of our big cities unsafe. Voters are paying attention and gravitating toward candidates that support law and order.

In a recent debate, when her Republican opponent, Rep. Lee Zeldin, pressed her on crime and cashless bail, New York Governor Kathy Hochul responded, “I don’t see why that’s so significant to you.” The reason the race is currently close is because to her tone-deaf answer. Democrats will have a difficult time on election day if they lose in the Democratic-leaning Empire State.

Additionally, parents want a say in how their children are educated. They had a distinct voice in Virginia last year, and they will have one in 2022. When the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, said that “students were out for three months,” she was blatantly lying about how long the state’s schools were closed. Tudor Dixon, a candidate for the GOP, nailed her on the subject by emphasizing how much longer it was and blaming Ms. Whitmer for the record-low academic attainment. Parent Party will prevail.

On these matters, liberals are mistaken. They are unaware of the bubble they are living in, which is being fed by many in the media. Next Tuesday night, they will.

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