The Rest Of Your Freedoms Are Under Attack! You Had Better Wake Up!

Joe Biden and the Democrats are acting as though they had unrestricted authority to use all measures necessary to eliminate all traces of their political rivals. According to Daily Mail, there appear to be two levels of justice under the Biden government. “Both those who share their political views and those who do not.” One of the main goals of this movement is to severely restrict free expression.

Tucker Carlson declared on Fox News that “anyone who tells you that you can’t speak what you actually believe is a dictator.” It has to do with controlling you. Just a few years ago, free speech was the civic religion of the United States; now there is a push to eliminate it. This is a significant and alarming change. Since the McCarthy scare of the 1950s, nothing as poisonous has occurred in the United States.


The progressive liberals who have taken control of the Democratic Party want to entirely destroy anyone with an incompatible vision, whilst conservatives are more tolerant of opposing perspectives. With the election of Biden to the White House, the federal government’s formal operating procedure is now the repression of competing viewpoints. Tucker Carlson declared that Joe Biden’s “partisan political foes” are now “officially enemies of the state.”

You are accused of spreading misinformation if you assert—as I did, based on strong evidence—that global warming is a hoax, that Biden’s open border policy may have devastating effects, or that there may have been election fraud. Anyone who values free speech should find this kind of sneaky restriction scary. According to Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, “this is not just an attack on free expression.” The goal of this campaign is to drive a whole movement of people underground by preventing them from obtaining employment, legal counsel, and even access to legal financial activities.

If we are unable to recognize that every situation has two sides, the United States is quickly transforming into a totalitarian society. It begins with charges of disinformation spreading and culminates with a demand to purge conservatives and transfer their kids to indoctrination centers. According to George Orwell, “if liberty means anything at all, it involves the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

It is crucial to understand that Biden does not share the same ideologies as his predecessor, Obama. Biden lacks ethics. The goal itself is what matters to Joe and his master puppeteers. In Biden’s case, the goal is pure political power. Joe thinks that the best way to win over the Democratic Party’s radical left wing, which views free speech as an antiquated idea, is to join forces with them.

The attack on parents’ freedom of speech by Attorney General Merrick Garland and the DOJ is one instance of political terrorism under the Biden administration. Parents all throughout the country are complaining against the implementation of Critical Race Theory and mask mandates in local schools utilizing their constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech. They have planned demonstrations at school board meetings, which have led to conflicts between parents and board members.

Garland instructed the FBI and U.S. attorney offices to take action against parents by labeling their protests, which are completely legal, as crimes rather than defending their right to complain. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claimed that Attorney General Garland was “weaponizing the DOJ” by employing the FBI to go after worried parents and intimidate them into silence.

According to Tucker Carlson, it is now illegal to disagree with your child’s education. The fundamental tenets of liberal democracy are no longer held dear by the Biden administration. Since their worldview is so deeply unpopular with the majority of Americans, they have no problem using armed state agents to enforce it.

Garland’s action is only one example of the Biden administration’s and the Democratic Party’s influential progressive wing’s persistent effort to use political terrorism against law-abiding Americans. Seth Dillon, CEO of Babylon Bee, stated that in order to support the Left’s irrational worldview, people on the opposing side must be silenced. “You don’t want to have fights about it, you want to stop the debate before the debate even starts when concepts that you are attempting to defend are indefensible.”

The government is working with social media to crack down on private communication when it is critical of Biden’s policies, which is a worrying move for free expression. According to Tucker Carlson, the Biden administration “considers censorship applicable to private speech.” What you say when you’re alone and using your phone in private. Because the Democrats want to regulate the flow of information, you won’t be able to say or read anything you want. You won’t hear anything that challenges regime policies.

As they do in China, Biden’s Ministry of Truth will soon be listening to all of your conversations, emails, and social media posts. Private exchange of forbidden ideas is not permitted. You might end up in Guantanamo if you criticize the Biden administration in any way.

Political journalist Dan Bongino stated, “They’re as left as Lenin.” Do liberals fail to recognize just how totalitarian this is? Once the door is unlocked, we may say goodbye to free expression. According to Charles Hurt of the Washington Times, “if Democrats and Republicans in Congress are not horrified by this and doing everything they can to stop it, then we’re done—we’re finished.”



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